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62 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Szss. II. Gus. 30-33. 1912. tio f v l and fo other overnmental urposes. to be paixilob; ntheaOld oloriy Streett Railvgay Company Pa corporation organized and existinp under the laws of the State oi: Massachusetts, the Commonwealth o Massachusetts and the counties of Plymouth and Norfolk, in said State, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, mit of tany money tblgnlrglasury niot&o{.1herwise‘;appr;>pr1ated, an amoun no exceeding thousand dollars, an no m any case, to exceed one·third of the sum necessary to reconstruet, alter, and repair said bridge as mag be ascertained by the Secretary of War.

 Sec. 2. That said work all proceed under thedprovisions of an

Act entitled "An Act to regulate construction of bri ges over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six. Approved, February 9. 1912. Ia\n¤ry•.1I¤· CHAP. 31.-An Act'.l‘o authorize the Lewisburg and Northern Railroad Comm *’·] ::9 0l;Il;¤’l1Ct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Cumberland River in [Pnb1ie.N0.'ll.] o ennesee. Be it enactedQyt/•eSenateandH0uaeqfBq>resenta!n}veaq;€tl’•e United

‘**·'{; States of America in Uongreee assembled, That the Lewisburg and

gglrhm Hznme Northern Railroad Company is hereby authorized to construct, noperate, uu-‘§".5.'$';‘;;L_·}'·"Q.'°‘g,., and maintain a bridge on its line of railroad across Cumberla River between Maplew , Tennessee, and Overtons, Te at a int suitable to the interest of navigation, near the ciagof Nashville glqen- V¤¤· M. it M. nmsee; all in accordance with the rovisione of Act. entitled “An spot to the C(;DBtul;1;l$l0!10¥ bricllges over ninvigable watnrs,” v wen - 1 nineteen undred an su. “"“""“°“· gz:. 2. That the right to alier, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, February 9, 1912. _ rewma ILGHAP. 82.——.\n Act To mtnaiu the change of name ol the stains Henry A. [Public,No.'l’I.] , - __ Beuemd•dhytbeS¢vnat¢a1ndHous¢ R eacntatiiace theU't¢d ,mg?.Z..$‘.,_m"` States of Anterior: in Gngnu auernblg mt the Comgiissionz: of “§_g_°**“,,f_°“,_°‘ ”•”° Navigation is herebklau orized and directed, u n application of the owner, the Hub rd Steamship Company, oro Mentor, Ohio, to change the name of the steamer Henri A. Hawgood, official number two undred and three thousand five undred and eighty-two. Approved, February 10, 1912. F b . · CHAP. 3 .— ‘_ r · [LH §..1,..E£.jg.1..,Aa.:.:;.?2.B:¢.:;;:?.:";2..*:. $°..‘::’:“..i..*:.&*·.·.=·¢**.a¤? $2.*2,2 2 C, A O. . i • . . __ __ Be·it enactedby theS¢1iat ndH R emaf h '

 ’—¤°¤°‘°· sem qi America in cwmgidg esxig 1i£'€i°¢hei>°Q°;i.';fiSSi¤.gZZ*Z'i

W;(·;j¤g(•jrd$5f éimgglfa Navigation is hereby authorized and directed, u ll application by re. the_ owner, the Inland Steamship Compan , oiwlndiana Harbor, indmgna, go cliangéa the naiing of ge steagier R. Woodford, official um er wo un re an ve g N. F, Leopold. thousand wo undred and fifty, to Approved, February 10, 1912.