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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cr-rs. 34-36. 1912. 63 CHAP. 34.-An A t T th th Inland t,eamsh' umu; Indiana Harbor, Indizsna, l:)o ll:hemri1at}ri1eim of tlie steamerSArtl1ur gd Fe LB· lglmm J°°"Ph Bl°°k· [rubric, No. 79.]— Be it enacted by the Senate and House Re esentatives 0 the U ded I States of Arrwrica in Congress assemblelg, Tgt the Comriiissiongr of stgiggfh m°° k", Nlavrgatron ishhereby authorized and directed, ufpon application of H§,$?,‘§,§€."A,““h,"H,¤~ Inch owner, the Inland Steamship Company 0 Indiana Harbor, to. ana, to change the name of the steamer Arthur H. Hawgood egiflliictial numtlgeep twohli§nd;ed and four thousand six hundred and r y-one, osep oc . Approved, February 10, 1912. _ .

 Act Amending paragraph six of the_ Act relating to the Metro- F°lEgfH' }gi8l¥1z·

[mtu ,n . . Be it enacted the Senate and House 6% Re esentatrives pg the United _ _ c Q ml States of America in Congress assembl , Tgt paragra six of the b;£“°"°t °f °°l“‘°` Act approved February twenty-ergllith, nineteen hundlried and one, ,B§e‘g}uu¥>°“°°m°¤ entitle "An Act relating to_ the etropoli_tan police force of the hugs. www-I District of Columbia, amending an Act entitled "An Act to define m§,'§§_ °°°" °°m* the rights of purchase of the be railway, and for other purp0ses," 3,V,$‘,g’·{>`;_g_{°l,{_°L approved_ June twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, ` ` and relatingdto fthe ptoisting oilspecral pplgéemen at str§et.railw¤.y crossmgsan merseeonsm ecr 0 , dth same hereby is, amended to read as fcxowsz "Andgthh¤spegialDpohce? men aforesarg, frpm find after the passage oil this Actglshall receive as compensa on or err services a sum equ to the s received by regular: members of the Metropolitan lpolice force of utils District 0 Co umbra (who have served the same ength of time), payable in signal monthly installments, as heretofore provided. They shall be _ owed thrrsy ;l1ays’ sick dlieasxfi twenty dpiys’ anplual lleave; and in _ g said s aries cre t a e given said speci po `cemen for the time they have served in such capacity in the same manner as is nogt or mgy liereafter be given to regular members of said Metropo an po ce orce. Approved, February 10, 1912. CHAP. 36.-An Act To authorize and direct the Secrets? of the Interior and the F°"‘i‘§°f3_§°§m’· Secretarv of the Treasury to deliver to the yernor of the tate of Arizona, for the use of the State, certain furniture and [?¤bli¤· N0- 81-] S Be iteignizllctedlyythergceviateand H%k¢g‘I?1egresi’nhtat·g1;es of the Am tates 0 merica in emgress ass at e cretary o the “*· Interior be, and he is hereb , authorized and directed to deliver to chIlJ£im¤i;`¤l>ic"f>)a':·` - Y - - tu A esteem th: azrerirgor of tg1tehSt%te otfoAriz¢;na,_upon téhe adfinrssilogrhailf a ptats mllgm gate, " mo e mono e em o na oran rn a osar State, all of the furniture an?furnishings’now the propertg of the United States and at present in the capitol building at hoenix, Territory of Arizona, and which have been purcha.sed_ from time to _ time under the authority of an Act (H. R. 18166) entitled "An Act "°* *’·°-P·m· to enable the peolple of New Mexico to form a constitution and State government and e admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States; and to enable the people of Ariaona to form a constitution and State gpvemnient and be admitted mto the Umon OH an equal focglng wit tge original Statas," approved June twentiet , nineteen undred an ten.