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64 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Szss. II. Cns. 36-38. 1912. 'F¤‘¤¤**·* *"F*· Sec. 2. That the Secret of the Treas be, and he is hereby, iii$é¤iif\¤°°¤¤°°·fi§ii authorized and directed tiirirleliver to theugldvernor of the State of °"°‘“°°°‘°°‘ I Arizona, for and in behalf of said State upon the admission as a State into the Union of the Territory of Arizona, all of the furmturo and furnishings in the capitol buildgig at Phoenix, Territory of Arrzona now the property of the Uni States, and which have been purchased undgrf thdh authority of élhe several oorfressrkdgdl which have h or sir urposes e direction an con o affairs of the Territory of Xrizona. . _ _ .,_f,§,!,{{°;,°$§,; of - Sec. 3. That the Attorney General be, and he rs hereby, authorized · be delivered w Sim- and directed, in so far as the property hereinafter described rs, m his judvment, not needed forjheipresent use of the United States courts and’]ud1c1a1 officers within the State of Arizona to deliver to the vernor of the State of Arizona, for and in behalf of sard State, all Ev books, e3·s, typewriter desks, letterrhresses, and other fruniture and now the property of the nited States, and now in `on of e judges and_elerks of court m the several judicial tricts of the Territory of Arizona. Approved, February 10, 1912. hirmrr Nu CHAP ·87.—An Act T0 authorize the sale of land within or near the town site of [s· Jl Midvale, idontaua, for- hotel purposes. {reuse, Neal!.] · - _ Be it c1u1ctcdby theScnatean¢lHmasco{R of the United m’},'*°,,",‘°°‘ I“‘“““ States America in Oongreu as t the Secre of the ont. . r , , , we ciiiiaig *¤- M Interiolifis hereby authorized to sell and convey to Louis %T{·Irll, hrs h°°°°"°°°°' heirs, executors, or- administrators, for hotel purposes, at a I-price to be iixed by appraisement, at not less than twenty-five dollars per acre, and under such terms, conditions, and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres pfléariid, d10tM0IBt0foTB sddlrdnorégaglrgztlsdéfmthfuémlr near the town site o i va e, ontana, wi eat n 'an Reservation, the proceeds from the sale of said lands to be deposited in the ·*‘*¤¤*•¤gm_ Treasury to the credit of the Blackfoot Tribe of Indians: Provided, Vol; sonnet. however That any hotel erected on said lands shall be operated by thai Wghll, his execut0m;*hadr§i•cimstrator?, ldleirin, or assigns, un er su es regulations as e reta 0 the nterior ma pxrescrilsffgr the colridgct and oeplertagon céfgiotelsiwighiii the “Gdactai Aw¤<>¤¤¤*¤*¤ ation ar ’: promd' o,_ at te sore 0 te '"" Interior may, in his discretion, add to the said town sitemd¥Midvale from the unallotted tribal lands not to exceed forty acres of land to V IM um be dispoiiedl oi forftgxgtgm purposes inhacrgrdlancel with 12%% pro· °— ·P· · visionso t s cto c t,nmeteen un re an seven irtfourth Statutes at Large, page ten hundred and thirty-nine). y u:*;,'£¤‘f,",§;’,'k‘f‘•‘ Sm. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed, at his discretion, to withdraw from entry and sale not to exceed five acres of the lands embraced within the said town site of Midvale, or any addition thereto, for use in administrative urposes of the said Glacier National Park. P Approved, February 10, 1912. Iebrusry 15. 1911 CHAP. 38.-An Act To amend section one h Pam;

 bw! of the United States, approved March;t:.egl1eu`irg<i1rtsird-0Jr1ri,d0riih2i

"°“"“°’”°‘°`" Bremaaztyarsrma may R me for U· 1 C, I I _ _ ousco cpreee mo mtv ver ns, ci? um, Slate: of in Congress assembled, That section one hundred and ”°°¤¤•*’L seventy—0ne of the penal laws of the United States, approved March glrizth, nmeteen hundred and nine, be amended so as to read as ws: