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SIXTY-SEC "`”'l CONGRESS. Srss. III. Ch. 145. 1913. 843 for prgfiosals, wl. lever in his discretion such method is most economic and in the public interest, and when thereost thereof will nogvexceeiii $500; doudml cd _ . °'. 8 _ · , n ogi • and 0t·hB1' 0Kp6I‘lI¤ents and N¤h=•‘h'I¤¤¢¤¢¤U¤¤ investigations independently or in cooperation with other branches ‘ °°°' gfb:he_Fed;a11;lb(i.oyemm}1sn(;:; yvithditates and with individuals, to e rmme met 0 or conservative management fOI§Sl»B audkforestdlanéils, $83,728; f Qf or mar et an o er eous orest mves tions, and for ;,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,· °‘°g,,,,"°‘. collatmg, dxgestmg,_ recording _1llustratir1g_,g·,·andt·iF1idtr1'buti§ the rseamltgoof the experiments and mvestrgatrons herein provid for, ` Fior the construction and maintenance of roads trails bnd‘ gee ,"°"”‘“"*,,,,,*"*¤"°'•· tim lanes, teletghone lines, cabins, fences, and othdr imprbvemenhi. necessary for e proper and economical administration, protection, and develotplnent of the national forests, $400,000: Provided, That D, N, hereafter Secretary of Agriculture, whenever he may deem it l*¤¤•¤¤¤~ necasari for the protection of the national forests from fire} may permit _ e use of timber free of charge for the construction 0 telephone lines; Provided further, That no part of the money herein ,{;,'{,",,,*‘l°'°“°“""°‘ appropriated shall be used to pay the transportation or traveling expenses of any forest omcer or agent except he be traveling on busmess directly connected with the orest Service and iufurtherauce of the works, anus, and objects s and authorized in and IM M · by this approglriationz And also, Thaf·no part of thisaua ’-u` appropriation all be paid or used for the purpose o paying for, in whole or in part, the preparation or publication of any newspaper or magazine;1 articée, but this shall gilot prevent the out to all persons wit out _ iscnmination, m u newspa an magazm° e writers and publishers, of any facts o(i·u:>%cial rnfgriiation of value to the public; Amman, mt hsmrm an scdascnu ten pe- mmm cr all moneys msivea ¤». ..31*,2% from the national forests duriugi each fiscal year shall be available ‘?°,,f,,,_""‘°‘ '°"‘ "" at the end thereof, to be expen ed by.the Secretary of izgiculture for the construction and maintenance of roads and tr within the national forests in the States from which such proceeds are derived; but the Secretary of Agriculture may, whenever practicable, ,,, "'“ in the construction and maintenance of such roads, secure the cooper; ation or aid of the proper State or Territorial authorities in the furtherance of any system of highways of which such roads may b9IiI1”:.ll3 l Put; al $3 160 119 or er ex uses, , , . Not to excegin fifteen Iyar centum of the total of all sums Qgpropri- ‘ ated under "General expenses,Forest Service/’ mvzg be u m the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture as pro ed above under general eexipenses for Forest Service for all expenses necessary for thergzn administration of the Forest _ _ mmm_¤, In t hereafter the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to re1m— lo; umayseq, burze owneorg ofgpcrses, vehicsékg, ;.ud other equ1 ¢;té , "°· or estro w being u or necessary , or ofhcial buiiainess, such reimbursement to be made from any_available funds tlhe applrppriation to which the hire of such equipment is ro c a e. P 'liiieziltlxerehlfgtzr the employees of the ForestServ·ice who are assigned ¤L;a°¤;=:iii¤a11°¢a°”° to permanent duty in Alesis may in the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture, without additional gmac to the Qovernment, be granted leave of absence not to exc thirty days m any one year, which leave lilly in exceptional and meritorious cases where such an emplo ee is rh, be extended, in the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture, not to exceed thirty days additional in any one ear. . Y Total for Forest Service, $5,399.679.