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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Ssss. III. Ch. 145. 1913.‘ 845 current, omciabtraveling expenses tehgra h and tele hone service, express and frerghtcbapg, and allotherpexgmscs, eriiployingsuch assistants, clerks, and o persons as ms considered neousary §¢ar[gh6a0p)ur·poses named, and rent outside of the District of Columbia, Total for Bureau of Chemistry, $1,058,140. BUREAU OF SOHB. - _¤¤=·····¢¤·¤· Saumns, Burman or Some: One soil hys1c1s" t, who shall be chief bulge, 31* °u¥s°' of bureau $4,000; one chief clerk, $2 ooh; one executive assistant, ui In $2,000; three clerks, class four; two éerks, class three; four clerks, class two; one clerk, $1,260; eight clerks, class one; four clerks, at $1,000 three clerks, at $900 each; one soil cartograplmr, $1,800; one soil brbliographer, $1,400; one photographer, $1,200; four draftsmen, at $1,200 each; one draftsman, $1,000; one messenger, $840; three messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $480 each; one lahorlrir one laborer, $300; one charwoman or laborer, $480; m 1 . Gmmnar. nxrmsss, BU·anAU or Sons: For allnecess expenses °""'* "l""'°'- connected with the investigations and experimentsuheremafter authorized, including the employment of investigators local and special agaits assistants, experts clerks, draftsmen, and labor in the city of ashmgton and elsewhere; o$cial traveling expemes, rnaterrals, tools, instruments, apparatus, repairs to apparatus, chemicals furniture, office fixtures, statroneriy g_as, electric current, telegraplh and telephone servrce, exgrem an freight charges, rent outside of the Distriptlpf Columbia, an for all other necessary supplies and . expenses, as o ows: or chemical invest' ations of soil types, soil com °tion and soil ¤§,°fg'{'“"”,,"{"'* minerals, the soil solulion, solubilitly o soil and all proper- dh ties of soils in their relation to so` formation, soil texture, and soil productivity, including all routine chemical work in connection with the soil survey, $18,135; _ _ Pb in For hysical investigations of the important properties of soil ¤.,.,"‘°‘* "'°“‘ which setermine productivity, such as moisture relations, aeration, heat conductivity, texture, and other physical investigations of the various soil classes and soil types, $11,2 5; son mm mn For soil-fertility investigations into organic causes of infertility and neo;. °’ ' remedial measures maintenance of productivity, proserties and composition of soil humus, and the transformation an formation of soil humus by soil organisms, $27,200; _ Hmm hmm"` For exploration and investigation within the Ilmted States to determine possible sources of supply of potash, nitrates, and other natural fertilizers, $25,000; ¤,,,,,,,_ ,.."_ ·,,,. For the investigation of soils and for indicating upon maps_and v•¤n¤¤¤¤- pla7ts%v coloring or otherwise, the results of such investigations, I 5 S · , Agricultural mes For the examination and classification of agricultural lands m i¤¤•¤¤¤•¤f¤=¤=¤ forest reserves in cooperation with the Forest Service,_$20,000; — Acmmmnuve u. For general administrative expenses connected with the above- F°“°'· mentioned lines of investigation, 3,800; In all, for éeneral exglenses, $280,400. Total for ureau of ils, $334,020. ' B u En BUREAU or nwromomcr. ¤·»£·‘3‘ °‘ "* Pay of chic! nl Saunas, Bunnau orEm~onrower: One entomologist, who shall °"""'· °"’“'* °‘°· be chief of bureau, $4,500; one executive assistant, $23250; one clerk, $1,800; two clerks clam four; three clerks, ass three; six clerks, class two; five clerks, class one; six clerks, at $1,000 each; one