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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 145. 1913. 847 clerks, at $900 each; one messenger, $720; one hotogra her $1 00· one game lzarden $1,200; one :900; ons messeiisger; m°$“P8°l' Y: °!’ l¤b01'01' $480; 0¤¤ ret $600‘ one charwoman ‘ $240; m all, $29,990. ’ .’ ’ ’ Gmmnar. nxrmsas,Bunnu or Bmnoercar. Sunvnr: For salaries °•¤¤··l ¤r>•¤¤ and employment of labor m the city of Washington and ekewhere furmture, supphes, traveling and all other expenses necessary

1}duct1ng investigations and carrying out the work of the bureau,

ollows: For the enforcement of sections two hundred and fort -one two ¤’··•g¤¤¢ •Mvlllmdred and for|Sy—tWo, two hundred and fort -three, and two’hun- iii:-ici, exc. Munn dred and fortyyfour of the Act approved° Mirah fourth, nineteen Dyk"' “°· ”’· ‘“"· hundred and mne, entitled ‘.‘An Act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the United Sta.tes," and for the enforcement of cu , m section one of the Act a. proved May twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred, uundzuia wl, entitled "An_Act to enliige the powers of the Department of Agri- v°"“·’·“"· culture, prohibit the transgiprtation b interstate commerce of game killed m violation of local ws, and fhr other purposes," $16,000; For the maintenance of the Montma National Bison Range and *°"“‘ other reservations rmder supervision of the Biological Survey, mclud- ¥·'¤*¤¤¤¤=· ing construction of fencing, wardens’ quarters shelters for animals, landings, roads, trails, bridges, ditches, telephone lines, roekwork bulkheads, and other improvements necessary for the economical administration and lprowction of the reservations, and for the enforce· hmmm or um ment of section eig_ ty-four of the Act approved March fourth, nine- *"€,°{';`§‘, uu teen hundred and nine entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the llnited States," $21,000, of which sum $2,500 may be used for the purchase, capture, and transportation of game for national reservations; For the establishment and maintenance of a winter elk refuge in DE: ‘°°"°‘ "° the State of Wyoming, $5,000, to be available until extpended, and the Secretary 0 Agriculture is hereby authorized to in ude in said refuge and to inclose not more than one thousand acres of unoccupied ub c lands, which when selected shall be made to conform to the lines of the public surveys, and shall be adjacent to or partly inelosed by Said l`°f“g°; . ncanauaeeum For investigating the food habits of North American birds and ma ¤.¤m.n mammals in relation to agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, including experiments and demonstrations in destroying noxious animals, and for investigations and experiments in connection with rearing of fur-bearing animals, including mink and marten, $60,000 U { H { of which sum $15,000 shall be used for the destruction of ground ,,,.f.h£I,‘.§,.£;.'l ° squirrels on the national forests; _ _ Nahum i me For biological investi ations, including the relations, habits, geo- umn " ' graphic distribution, and migrations of animals and plants, and the priparation of maps of the l` e and crop zones, $15,000; A ¤ or general administrative expenses connectedjnth the above- ,,,L'"”'°‘ " °" mentioned lines of work, including cooperation with other Federal bureaus, departments, boards, and commissions, on request from them: $141000; _ sti rstory game, All wild geese, wild swans, brant, wild ducks, smpe, plover, wood- mjégéngia A cock, rail, wild pigeons, and all other migratory game and_insect1v- r,.m.,,, KP §§,,P$ orous birds which in their northern and southern migrations pass S°·*° through or do not remain permanently the entire year within the bordens of any State or Territory, sha hereafter be deemed to be within the custody and protection of the Government of the United States, and shall not be destroyed or taken contrary to regulations hereinafter provided therefor. _ Rm,,_m_¤. pm The Department of Agriculture is hereby authorized and directed scnbina clnnui seato adopt suitable regulations to (Five effect to the previous paragrsih {§§`,’,;,,f*°" ‘° b' by prescribing and fixing close seasons. having due regard to e