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850 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. IH. Ch. 14.5. 1913. umn. LIBRARY, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. . umm. Sn ,;¤.g,Lman. ,Daram·mm·r Aemcuuruan: Onelibru-ian, °°:*:'°%` $2,000; 0D6G1G!'k,d:BidI1&; onecgk,classtwo;twoclerks,class one oneof whomshall beatranslator; Bl!0l¤l’kB,It·1,“m each; five clerics, at $900 each; onederk, $840; two cataloguers, at $1,200 each; three oataloguers, at $1,000 each; one mesengur, $720; two messengers or messenger boys, at $600 each; one meaenger, messenger bo , or laborer, $480; one charwoman, $480; in all, $27,020. °•¤'°*¤°""· Exrmrszs, Lmasiur: For books 32 reference, technical dscsen° b00ks,papets ° an orexpensesincurred if completinéwimperfcct seariles; for the dm loyment of additional assistants in city of l for oilieial travel- ' expenses, and for library , library cards, supplies, and ldger ‘ Total. for Li , $43,520. OONTINGENT EXPENSES. °¤¤¤¤*¤P°”*°* _ lXIIl’lIQ,DEPAl’1'Illl‘l'0!'A 2Fo1‘8tlr {¥°..."°"* ‘¥..";§ .%‘i°;,"',.r.,* "'“°g¤...,· ""’°f.;...»..‘“”§· i."!.r%·£.?"¥...r· "":% and gui pipes, heating carpets, and inatting;_for light.s,£reaght.,¤puess md vert¤ing,tplegx·:glrmg,telephonmgts ts

 heatirxgrpparatus; for the purchase, subsistence,and'careof orsesand purchaseandrepairofharnessand

vehicla, for official purposes only; for the payment of duties on imrted articles, and the Department of Agricu1ture’s ro rtionate ahareofe ofe`teb tmevwo;oroc1a "° 1..;* me? ...·m° N Li? E" tra expe¤ses· oro eous an exenses 1.,,,,, notjdgtherwise providedfor, and necessary for thesplrligtical and cient _:gj,g::_¤,g,g;·_· work of thedepartment, $106,086: Promded That of amount not exeeedmih,000 ma be used for the purchase of an 01]. pamting of Honorab James former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, which grtraxt shall not be accepted until it shall have been approved by e Commission of Fine Arts. am. RENT IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Ieunirx ia ns · Burr or Buumxos Dnraanmm or Aonxormrnnzz F t f "‘°‘°'· """" . and in the District ofCohimbia(ilc:1-segf the various bureaus, divisions, and offices of the Department of Agriculture, namely: mm; ;,,.;,,¤.,_ or Bureau of Animal Industry, $2, 220; nmrmuy, For Bureau of Plant Industry, $26,420; rerense-nee gor gorest Se;·véi;e, $25,07§ 7 320 _ or urea e emu , , ; edn For Bureaii of Soils, $3%,0; resumes-. For Division of Publications, $5,000;

1¤>r. ‘ aw ger %ce og Solicitor, $2,51,60;

M. °*' °° kgs *· $*0 » $5,000; °°r¤¤ue seen For Oiice of Pu lilclfxliixxds, $3g10?); ¤'°”¤“*°*¤- For additional rent m cases of emergency for any bureau, division, or office of the department, $11,328; In all, $98,329. mggggdgmmmn OFFICE OF EXPERIMENT STATIONS. PM ¤¢ ¤¤•¤v¤= Sananms, Or·mcn0rExrmanr1;rz·rS·r ;0¤ di; · dah em ¤¤¤ chief derk. $2,000;¢me computer, $£10li)0);sone d(i·afts1£:ii;