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852 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. IH. Ch. 145. 1913. coo eration of other bureaus of the de artment, and to disseminate uselirl infomation on this subject, incluxding the employment of labor in the city of Wmhwn and elsewhere, supplies, and all othernecessaiiyexpenses, $16, . . _ ¤gg_'¤•“°° *¤'°'“*'* nnrearrox mvmsrrearmxs: To enable the Secretary of Agipculture to investigate and report upon laws of the States and erntories as sdfecting irrigation an _ the rzgrhts of appropriators, and of riparian proprietors and institutions ting to irrégationhand upon the use of irrigation water at home and abroad, wi _ especial suggestions of the best methods for the utilization of irrigation waters in agriculture, and upon the use of different kinds of power and appliances for irrigation, and {ca- the preparation and illustration of reports and bulletins on irrigation, including the employment of labor in the gg o{)i;V alia§da]Ielsewhere, rent ouuirgocgutgg District of _ um su , necessary , , . _

 Daauuernpmvmneanousz To enable the Secretary of Agricul-

. ¤•¤¤•~ — ture to investigate and report upon drainage of swamap and other wet lands which may be made available for agrlcultur purposes, and topre areplanafor theremovalofsnirpluswaters by drainage from such lands, and for the tion and illustration of reports and bulletins on drainxxse, the employment of labor in the

 of Wash` n elsewhere, rent outside of the District of

Co umbia, and, necessary expenses, $97,600. ’ Total for ol Experiment Stations, $1,901,260. rutueaauomee. OFFICE OF PUBLIC ROADS. dfgg §{,,_*“'°°‘°’· Saunms, Orncn or Punuo Roans: One director, who shall be a scientist and have charge of all scientific and technical work, $4,000; one chief clerk, $1,900; one clerk, class four; two clerks, class three; one clerk, $1,500; one clerk, $1,440; one clerk or instrument maker, $1,440; one clerk, $1,380; two clerks, at $1,320 each; four clerks, at $1,260 each· three clerks, class one; one clerk or photographer, $1 200; one clerk or photogrzpher, $1,000; two clerks, at $1,140 each; one clerk, $1,080; one erk, $1,020; four clerks, at $1,000 each; one clerk, $900; one clerk or instrument maker $1,200; one messenger or laboratory helper, $840; two messe rs, laborers, or laboratory helpers, at $720 each; one messen r oxborer, $660; four messengers, aborers, or messenger boys, at·§g00 each; two messéréggao boys, at $480 each; two charwomen, at $240 each; in ell, ¤¤¤·u•xv•¤•¤· thGnNm;n1. mxrnivfzlz Organ or Roansz For salaries and e employment o a r in e city o ingto` n and elsewhere, su plies, omce fixtures, apparatus, traveling and all other necessag exgguses, for conducting investigations and ex eriments, and for co _ ting, reggirtmg, and illustrating the results 0}) same, and for pre-

ub hmg, and distributing bulletins and reports, as follows:

B¤fih_:¤°_ W M , That no part of these appropriations shall be expended ghhggry, su, fol' G10 l'8l1l» 0l‘ DUN of l‘0Ml-mllglllg machinery, except such 3,5 pray be necessary for field experimental work as hereinafter provided or: B¤•¤ ¤¤=*•¤¤*- For inquiries in ard to systems of road man ement throu hout ~ '~l=° UWM Sim? ggfof givingerpcrt advice ontlilssubjeet,:4¢i ooor:]·:¤·¤¤¤¤I ¤•*°· · For mvessagatrong of the beet methods of road making and thelbegt kinds of ro -mal¤ng materials, and for expert advice on mimic-1 cm im road building maintenance, $_105,000; ",¤,¤.,¤;, " m:"tgm€;§1.§%(t;5>§S of thi! Gllémwal and physical character of road Md °"""“°“"‘ For cohduch ,iield experiments and various methods of road construction agldgmamtenance, and investigations concerning vari-