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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. III. Ch. 145. 1913. 853 ous road materials and pre arations; for inves ° and develo ' equipment lZ|1l`»8I1[l0d for tliie preparation andueggipiliiiition of bitiligig nous and other binders ; for the purchase of materials and equi ment; “ for the employment of assistants and labor; for the erection of, buildmgs; such experimental work to be confined as nearly as possible to one pomt during the fiscal year, $45,000; » For general adrnmistrative expenses connected with the above- Admmimuve exmentioned hncs of investigations and experiments, $12,000; ’°°'°” In all, for (ggieral expenses, $232,000. Epltéal for ce of Public Roads, $27gi1400. _ not to ex ten r centum of e forego` amounts for the ¥¤*•*°¤•¤¤¢•¤1• miscellaneous expenses olmthe work of any bureaillgg division, or oizlice wmmmm ( herein provided or shall be available in bly for expenditures on tlre_objects included the gen expenses 0 such bureau, division, or office, but no more than ten per centum shall be added to any one item of appropriation except in cases of extraordinary epnergeiiply, and then only upon the written order of the Secretarly o c ure. » otalflgpartment of Agriculture, for routine and ordinary work, $17,376,945. M US. wmellmm. And the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to continue '°°“ "‘§‘.,{,°‘ investigations on the cost of food supplies at the farm and to the mdb consumer, and to disseminate the result of such investigations in whatever manner he may deem best. ~ Enroncnmnur or ran msncrrcmn Acr: To enable the Secretary f,‘;’f§,'§,§§,‘§§,{_°* of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions of the Act of April V¤1- $6- v· 831- twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled "An Act for (preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterate or misbranded Paris greens, lead arsenates, and other insecticides, and also fiingicides, an for re lating traffic therein, and for other purposes," in the city of Washington and elsewhere, including chemical apparatus, chemicals, and supplies, re airs to apparatus gas, electric current, official traveling expenses tellegraph and telephone service, express and freight charges, and all other exgnseshemploying such assistants, clerks, and o er persons as may considered necessary for the purposes named, $95,000. Frorrrmc AND rnnvnnrme roansr ruins uw Eumaormcrz For ,¤§j’{,'J,fff°‘;§{f;”,{_“ fighting and preventing forest fires in cases of extraordmary emergency, $200,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. To enable the Secretary olteaitpriculture to meet the emergency __2·¤•¢¤¤¢-Mrk dir caused by the continuous sp of the chestnutfbark disease by estates; study continuing the study of the nature and habits of the parasitic fungus °’·°‘°· causing the disease, for the purpose of discovering new methods of contre , and by putting into apggpation methods of control already discovered, $80,000, and the retary_ of Ahgriculture is heretm authorized to expend said appropriation in su manner as he sh deem best, in coo ration with the authorities of the States concerned or with individual); and to pay all necessary expenses for the employ- ment of investigators, local and special agents, ex _ rts, assistants, and all labor and other necessary expenses, incluegiig rent, m_ the District of Columbia and elsewhere, as may be g\.llI`G(lI Provided, mm. _ That of this sum not exceeding $10,000 shal be u in the study of S“'°’ °""'°°‘“· the relation of insect: to the chestnut-bark disease. Euroncamasr or mn ruur qusnswrmn Acrg To enable the A;*¤¤¤ ¤¤·¤¤¤¤¤ Secretary of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions of the Act xipmses or enfor·c— of August twentieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, entitled "An iuim sm Act to regulate the importation of nursery stock and other plants ’p' and plant products; to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to estab-