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906 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS Sus. IH. Ch. 148. 1913. ¥¤¤¤•¤'**•*P¤•¤•· For iucidentd expenses for Na vemels, yards, the engineering experiment station, such as photojgzaphing, bcolrs, stationery, techmcal periodicals, mdicewd instruinents,‘§6,000. ¤••*•··m,, an Bm, Provided, hatthesumtobep outof appropnatnorlrf Steam use the dgrectiondof the Secretary of the svyargr cer1cal` , gnsggctnon an_messe11ger_serv1cemnavy(=iy_ , naval stations, and offices oi United States mspectors of m _ mary and of e eering material, for the Esgal year ending June tlurtneth. nineteen Ermdred and fourteen, shall not exceed $450,000. In all, steam machinery, $6,006,000. ‘ _ _ H i_"f_'¥m‘f ,, That thewmobhgated halancesnnder the_apprc;£r1ation Steam ¤¤¤¤·¤¤!¤¤¤¤¤1>- machin " fortheiiscal ‘ Jnnetlurtie ,nineteen hun- °¥ZY 17*** . diéd and 5ag%0%une thirtieth, nineteen hutglreddmdadthuteedxii n exceeding , ,arehereby ria anu; eav able for the evelopment of a type of hganivly-oil engine suitable for ‘“°"’°°°‘ use in one of the fuel shipls authorised by the Act approved August twenty-second, nineteen undred and twelve, and the expenditure thusincurredshallnotbe acharge against the limit of cost of such =g*¤¤•¤¤¢| I, ¤w* Engm° eenng' experiment station, United States Naval Academy nssnnaiu. ae. Annapolis, and_research work: For original """ investigation and tatnon of navalapphances; and fortlmpurchaseoiauch `esandauxiliariesoonsideredapplieglllngfor tes: and usoipiotlamnaval service, and for maintenance of an groam , . _ lnvmunatumane. _ Eqiripgsment ofzbuiliding: For extension of steam, air, and water lines, and electric cigits; {pr foundations {pir fpr ing-curren` genm·a` set;orpurchasean ins a'no iion condensing apparatus for steam turbines, $26,000. M"' *°“’**¤Y· xavax. scanner.

  • ’•¥°' P*°'¤•°*¤·¤= Pu or rsonseoae aim onus, Nun. Acanmrr: One professor

as head of the department of physics, $3,600. _ One professor of mathematics, one of mechanical drawing, one of Erm one of French, and one of amsh, at $3,000 each. mgrofessors, namely, one of , one of French, and one of S au' , at $2,640 each. File instructors, at 82,400 each. ¥our instructors, ztsizéw each. en instructors a , . égghmgq That no part oiiany sum in this Act appropriated shall be expended evuasusoeeese in the y or allowances of any commissioned omcer of the Navy detaileaizir duty‘as`an instructor at the United States Naval Academy tp perform duties which wgeipedormed by civiliuln instructors on J anu first nineteen hun and thirteen. 1,f;g•§§},’{,;,},gg Tl;>rl’resi<ient is hereby auth,orized, by and with the advice and wecvrrj Jorma consent of the Senate, to appoint Nathaniel Matson Terry and William legen iimuiiiiignlisni Wo0lseyJohnson professorsin the corps of professorsof mathematics in

  • ¤ the Navy with the rankof lieutenant as extra numbers not in the line

gggw m,m_ of promotion: Provided, That for pay and other purppsce their service as instructors or professors at the United States eval Academy previous to being commissioned shall count as service in the Navy: so mx rama:. moidcdfurther, That for the purpose of this Act limitations as to age at the time of appomtment shall not a ply nor shall age constitute a claim for retirement, and nothing in this Act shall operate to create M ·=·····—·* ¤·-v ° ii·i.i11rreef°ri°cs¤t°°k Iiyliereby uttsmm to · t b e it th i Mn- · 8 H1 , BD -Wl 6 §¤'i¤•.%~¤ m advice and consent of the Senate, A. J. Corgilgier, a gwordmaster at the United Stats Naval Academy,.to be g, first hmmm; in um