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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sus. HI. Ox. 148. 1913. 907 ~ UnitedStatesMarmeCorpsasaner:tranumbg·,notintlm`!ineofpromoctigm. . 6 ¤W°l'dm¢¤l·6!', $1,600; 0110 8Sitmt 1 • and two agrst' Innhustnneta. '** *1»°°° **%***3 **3* i¤¤¤‘¤¢¤3¤¤ in at $1,500 mf 9**** °¤¤ ··¤2¤¤·¤* ¤¤¤*r9¢¢¤¤· in physical training, at •1,eoo; ma one . mstructor m gmnastiu, $1,200; one asistant librarian, $2,160; one catakguer, $1,200; and two shelf sistants, at $900 each; one secretarym the Naval Academy, $2,400; two cle··'·s at $1,500 each; four cler , at $1,2w each; four clerks, at $1,000 each; four derks, at $900 each; two chrlgs, at $840 each; one draftaman, $1,200; one surveyor, $1,200; services of organist at chapel, $300; one captain of the watch, $924; one second captam of the watch, $828; twenty-two ` watchmen, at $732 each; three telqihone switchboard operators,

1; 2z6({g6each. In all, pay of professors and others, Naval Aeadany,

Diiranrunirr or oanxaxcn aim oummar: One mechamc’ , $960 ¤•¤¤¤•¤*¤¤¤¤· and one at $750; one armorer, $660; one chief gunnefs mate, N-*¤“n°”` three quarter gamers, at $480 each; in all, $4,350. im Dnn:s·nntm·s or m.1tcr1u¤aL mwomnmmo nm musica: 'hvo ,,B§""""*'

 agchinists, at $1,000 each; two mechanics, at $1,000 each; •¤ Fgzglumu

m 7 ) ' Dnrnnmm or BEAMANBHIPZ Onecockswain, $480;three`seamen‘ , . ”"'*"'°"` at $420 each; in all, $1,740. _ ' Dmmvnnurr or annum mtoumannro asn saver, oossmocrmx: One master machmmt, $1,800, and one assistant, $1,200; one ttarn ¤··-1 . maker, $1,200; one boiler maker, one blacksmith three machinists, one molder, and one th, at $1,080 each; one draftsman, $2,000; machinists and o emplo ees, $6 708; in all, $20,528. Comnssanr DE'PAB’l'lINT1 One cool! $1,200; four cooks, at ,.Q°T”"” °""°’ $600 each, and eight assistants, at $300 each; one steward, $1,200, and one assistant, $600; one head waiter, $720, and two assistants, at $480 each; two pantry men, at $420 each; one chiafbaker, $1,200; one baker, $600; two assistants, at $540 each, and one assistant, $420; necessary waiters, at $16 per month each, $13,440; one messenger to the superintendent, $600; twenty-seven attendants, at $300 each; in all, $35,760: Promlled, That hereafter such additional pagments §""‘,,,,,,, ,, ,,,. from the midshipmerfs commissary fund as the superinten ent of •¤°* the Naval Academy may deem necessary may be made to the servants authorized in the commnssary department. In all, civil establishment, $188,534. Cmuzmvr ann mscannaunous axrassns, Navax. Aoanmnz Text °¤¤¤¤••¤*¤••¤ and reference books for use of instructors; stationery, blank books and forms, models maps, andperiodicsls; apparatus and matenah for instruction in training and athletics; of lectures, including pay an expenses of lecturer; chemicals, g lesoplncal apparatus and instruments, stores, machinery, tools, ttings, apparatus, and materials for instruction purposes, $38,500. _ Purchase, binding, and repair of books for the hbrary {to be pur- man. chased in the o market on the written order of the supenntandont), $2,500: Pmvi¢£3? That section thirty-six hundred and forty-eight, mus. Revised Statutes, shall not uapply to subscrrptnons for foreign and gpm domestic to be or from thizslpgcrzgnauon. _ Hereafter the Board of liisitors to the Na emy shall consist "°“'* °‘ “**¤ of seven members of the Committee on Naval Afairs of the United ,j.°‘}°*;,{§“*‘;!*~ States Senate and seven members of the Committee on Naval Affairs guns or aaa of the House of Representatives, to be appointed b the respective chairmen thereof and the members so appointed visit the Naval Academy annually at such time as the chauman of the Board of Visitors shall appoint, and the members of each House of Congress of said board may visit said academy together or separately as the