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910 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 148. 1913. . , *¤•*· Fum., Manmn Cours: For heat and light for the authorized allow- ' ance of quarters for officers and enlisted men, and other buildings and grounds pertaining to the Marine Corps; fuel, electricity, and oil for ‘ P { { gooking, power, and ottlher pu{·poses;fand salselsngslolpomcers, $164£00. _ "°•'°"°° ° utin _ su artices reerence giventotose guumpmw producegi in tlip nited States butpwhich can be procured at the same _ rice an ua `ty. V

  • ¤”'¤'¥"°’“· P M1'Ll’I'AR(§' s·r01u¤s, Manmn Conrsi Pay of chief armorer, at $4

per diem; one mechanic, at $3- per diem; two mechanics, at $2.50_ each per diem; one chief electrician, at $4‘per diem, and one assistant electrician, at $3.50 per diem; per diem o enlisted men employed on i constant labor for periods of not less than ten days; purchase of militar{be·<£i1.ip1p;nts, sulplh ::·1!?£$,g‘6VOlV6l'B, 0&l‘liI'ldm%·8 boxes, bayolnlgt . sca , versac , et ags, canteens, e , swo , drums trumpets, ill? waistbelts, waist plates, cartridge lts, spare parte for repairing es, machétes, purchase and repair of tents, eld cots, field ovens, and stoves for tents; purchase an repair of instruments for bands, purchase of music and musical ·accessories; purchase and marking ofuprizes for excellence in gunnery and riiie Ipsraotice; good-conduct b gee; medals awarded to officem and en ted men by the Government for conspicuous, gallant, and special service; incidental expenses of schools of application; construction, equipment, and maintenance of school, rary, and amusement rooms

ums for enlistedxmen, and the purchase and repair   all

es of field sports for enlisted men; and reupatr of signal equipment and stores; establishment an maintenance targets and , renting ranges, construction of buildings for temporary shelter and preservation of stores and entrance fees in competitions; procuring, preserving, and handling, ammunition and other necesmilitary supplim; in all, $307,7 7. '!'¤¤»¤•¤¤¤¤ ·¤¤ ngaansroizrarrox aim nncnurrme Mmmm Cours: For transmmm portation of atgoiops, and (pf applicants ion erilistmexit betwsengecruitstations recruit e ta or te, mc uding ernage an trans- Eiga on route, or cash in_l£•u thererdz toilet kits or issue to recruits mp iirst enlistment and the expense of the recruiting service, ·=••·*¤·*¤•*¤•¤ ‘ Ranma or aasaaoxs, Manu Cours: Repairs and improvements to barracb quarters, and_other public buildings at posts and sta- §i¤¤s_; for da; rqutmf, hasmg, nguprgvement, and erection of buildmga in the _D1stnct o Columbia, and at such other places as the pubhe emgencies regulre· and for per diem to enlisted men employed under the direction of the Quartermaster’s Department on the repair of barracks, puartsxs, and other dpublic buildings on constant labor for Fpanods 0 not less than ten sys, $140,000. ’*¤•¤ _ osaor, Mamas Cours: For forage in kind and stabling for ublic ammals of the %uartermaster’s Department and the authorizedpnumbeudpf officers’ orses, $22,200. C0 ¤¤¤¤¤¤••¤¤¤ M anm·ra‘noN or QUARTlB8,MABmI urs: Commutation of uar- §" 'M ters for o§cers savi%°with troops where there are no public guarten belonging to the vemment, and wherethere are not sufficient quarters posessed by the Umtsd States to accommodate themcommutataou of quarters for enlited men employed as clerks and . mnengers m the oiicea of the commandant, jutant and inspector, paymaster, qaartsrmaster, and the officea of the assistant '·d]\llS\D.f and inspectors, anistant paymasters, assistant quartermasters, at twenty-one each per month, and for enlisted men gigpgggedaamesengersinsaidomces, atteudollarseachpermonth, _°¤*·•¤*~ Obzrrmoxwr, Mmm: Ooxrs: For fra-•gh' thexpreegege wu; cartage, advertising washing of bed sacks, maltress coversxpillowi cases, towels, and sheets, funual expense of oiicers and marines,