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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 148. 1013. 8]], inelu ° thetraus rtationofbod.iesandtheirarmsuidwearmg'

lppa:T%romthepl,d)ceofdemketo thehomesof thedeeeaaedin

e United States; stationery and other paper, binding znlegagpggg, Jggltdof telephc;nes; purchasadrem , an exchange zi

n o sm? an ·

eh-listed men employed on constant bor for of nih.: ten days; employment of civilian labor; pure , repair, instal- · lation and mamtenance of gas, electric, sewer, and water pipes and iixtnres; office and barracks furmtme, camp and garrison eqnipage and implements; me¤s utensils for enlisted mem; packing boxes, wrappmgopizygder, oilggth, twine, quarpntme eamphor an •car pa carpen took or purposes, safes; purchase, repair, and maintenande of such hI:·ness,u:;§ons, 4·.;··*··..,.a *.·g°,.,.¤¤·.i:·*·#r.:z*· ·¤t°**·"t;:‘“°.1z· :· "sm it *0* e _ a n o. _ ps an su or o ' and garrison purposes; purchase of pdlllic horses_and mules; of veterinary surgeons and medicmes for public animals, and the

 number oi o§icers’ horses; purchase of mounts and

horse equipment for_all oilieers below the gada of major required to be mounted; shoeing for public animals and theauthorized numberof officers’ horses; purehaseand re airof hose iireex ' P 1 UU: hand grenades, carts, wheelbarrows, and lgwn mowers; purchase, installation, and repair of cooking and heating stoves and fumaoes; purchas? off towels, asap, combs and brusgzkgor offices; postage stamps or orengn an registered ; news d periodicals; improving parade of pdmps ; water; straw for bedding, mattresses, mattrem covers, pillows, sheetsfurniture for Govemment quarters and repair of same; packing and crating oiBcers’ allowance of baggage on change of station; and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home and ablrpladéu up imphossible to anticipatie 51;] classify, '?J60,0Ig)•0. , or e maintenance o arterma s ent Marit:3 (;orpsth$3,05g1,937 ; and thehmoaply herein appro; ria or e maintenance of the artermas s en lldarine Corps, shall be disbursed and accounted for in agoordanod with existing law as maintenance, Quartermastefs Department, Marine Corps, and for that purpose shall constitute one und. Total Marine Corps, exclusive of public works, $7,558,233.78. P mcnnasn or run Navr. N{;•;§•·•· °' **• That for the gurpose of further increasing the Naval Establishment ,.,E§‘.2.§f"°"°" "' of the United tates the President is hereby authorized to have con- ¤;•;p_¤¤***•* °•*· strucgedlone i'irst·class battleshipi c hzaiy arrapr and; armament vesse o its c ave high ggazliczble speed audsgraeldstlest desirable radius Bt action, and to cost, exclusive of armor an armament, not to_ exceed $7 425 ·;·,,"°,,e""’,;,m,,,,,,,,, aided, That the battlieship herem authorized shall be built m a !•¤*· t ar . ‘ I M _ Ogiintlbnrzlddg-liblztydmmym, to have the highest practicable speed, assume. °°°° ` to cost, exclusive of armor and armament, not to exceed $950,000 h. °“l·`our submarine torpedo boats in an amoimt not exceeding in the ,,,§’,“’,,,;‘_“,,‘:_‘““*‘°"'“

e $2,3178,936; and the sum of $1,294,912 is hereby appro- I

pngne trlfngzlora to cost, exclusive of armor and armament, not to °°°"‘“"°'°` coed $1,850,000. _ °xOne supply @,5-to costjexclusive of armor and armament. not to °°° '“"’l"“" $1,425, . s 6xThe Secretngg of the Navy shall build the battleship authorized in ,&'2°i"' *° ""’ this Act in su navy yard as he may designate; and shall build any