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912 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cns. 148, 149. 1913. e wm essels herein` uthorized in such navy yards as he may °°;"g“°“ if mam dgstghsttgfhxuld it reasonably ap _ that the persons, firms, or corporations; or the agenb thereof, gidding for the construction of any of said vessels, have entered into any combination, ag¤eement,_or ‘ the effect, ob act or purpose of which is to deprive _ understanding, _ 1 . the Government of fair, open, and unrestnct,e·¢i|¢;iompet.ition $1 lelttplg ·· or smou .'° f an of - • . I 0 U°1·;S'z;¤e·1 whlu- gloilitmrtlctgtftfs glllipclzgumoutlllsbg, amfhereby is, transferred to the

 `State of California upon conditiomthat the said State of Cal1forn‘P*

°°”"‘“°“* · ’ easel United States shi by and throu its vernor, aeeelp: v , _ S Portsmouth or salt? State, after vlan? been first duly autho by the Legihlature of said State of C ornia, and upon the further condition that said vemel remain the prgpert of said State, to be preservedandcaredforl:iytlxesaidState Cahforntiagitgoowitihcost dth vesselbetnrnedoverto e ta au on- 2;:1 of witlligxt any expense to the Government. emsueem me CON8'I‘B'UUI.'ION an inunnmuz On account of hulk and outfits of

  • "'”‘*“‘°”· and steam of vessels heretofore and herem authorvessels _

ized, to be available until expended, $19,818,22S. N., Imnmasm or ·r¤nNavr;·ronr·nn0 nou·s:0naceountofsub- Town marine torpedo boats heretofore authorized, to be SVNISN6 Util axpsnded, $2 058,363. , ’“""""°"‘ ·°“‘2“ SBE? $l.;`"»..».‘ ‘°°§"""‘"a.m;.T2.;`Z»“°t...¤.‘*’° Z.‘I'2'i.*’.mZ'°" 5 men ou I · .. '*`§§.'€m·“·.*·:° ummm c..,...,. Tm ,1.., - E OF Q ; . '*'“· md um armor and :11;namt$t for $5 and herem authorized, aus . y 1 I , , w';5§§I;’a§mc1p•hs:?>f thzdggigg lgggegggire and herein authorized, to be Purchases am svThat;d1;Iiart o any anim herein? a propriated shall be expended for ¤°¤'·*· °°”*""“‘°*°“‘· the urchase of structural steel, ship plates, armor, armament, or °‘°"mbmd°¤` maclliinery from any persons, firms, or corporations who have combined or conspired to monopolize the interstate or foreign commerce or trade of the United States, or the comrnperggl or grade between; ttke d T 'to th District um ia, inan o e m•¤¤¤u¤a¤¤¤r¤<>¢· m*c‘lses·d1for:•i1gid,‘hl-had zig giimhzse of struhtural steel, ship phstes, or machinery shall be made at a price in exeees_of a_reasona le profit rm sppnmne to above the actual cost of manufacture. But this Imitation shall m no °‘*“¤¤°°“""’“ l to ` contr t. upenppmpmucn c“'l€h:.ltliig dyn? hereinagppropriated under ‘ increase of the fg Navy” sbs] be used for the payment of any clerical, drafting, inr¤r€1¤¤¤¤- smtiooni or messenger service, or for the oil} any of the ~tl·er ' force under the various bureaus o the avy epartment, W88hll1gh0. , District of Columbia. _ Specihc suummy That no part of anyqsum appropriated by this Act shall used for

 ‘“° m an expense of the avy partxnent at Washington, District of

Columbia, unless specific authority is given by law or such expendi— ture. Approved, March 4, 1913.


[Public, N0. 414.] other- purpggm nl, I Be·i!enactedbyt}wSenateandHm4sc¢g’R sentati the United when wpm States of America in Congress assemlzkd, Tlfeilenlhe fohzmwiqiilg sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropnated, to supply deficiencies in appropriations for the fiscal year