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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 915 nnvzmm-oirrrn snnvrcz. ,1*, •,••¤¤•~°•¤•¢ To sup ly a deficiency in the riation for of the **¤'*** Revenue-Butter.Serviee, includingwlsblieote of authorized m said t%p)ropriation for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $35, . rtmuc uxavrn snnvwt. I-nun nam an- `For additional salary of the Surgeon General of the Public Health ""¤"°••'•* Service for the last three quarters of the fiscal year nineteen hundred 4**-. and thirteen $750. For ay allowance, and commutation of uarters for commhioned ’•¥· *'~_ m0(l.l¢·5 officers and pharm ,572.§0. fT{>)eq{1ializelghep?i\ofsixad " nsicaseistm providedq;IZQ`,‘“ ""°" or the sun ci appro riation t a uguat twant - *·P·“ fourth, nineteenrhundred andliwelve, $2,400l3pm y To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the maintenance "*'°°'•'°°'· and ordinary erpenses, exclusive o pay of omcers and empligleee, of quarantme stations, mcluding the lep and inc u g not ,, I encoeding $500 for_printmg;0$14,000: , That hereafter the nyunygnanua director of the Hygienic La ratory shall receive the pay and allow- °"""‘”"""‘ ances of a senior surgeon. onerous smzvxon. °¤••·••·**•· To defray the exdptensee of collecting the revenue from customs, °•¤•¤¤¤•¤*•¤¤• $700,000, being ad ional to the %ermanent".a·p:.pr0priation for this puapose for the ‘iiscal year ending une thirt' , nineteen hundred an thirteen. inscnnnamzous, nusmt. l¤•¤i¤•••¤• Recoinage of minor coins: To enable the Secret•ry_of the Treasury •:°.°°°°°°°° I- to continue the recoinage of worn and uneurrent minor com of the United States now in the Treasuvry or hereafter received and to reimburse the Treasurer of the nited States for the difference between the nominal or face value of such coin and the amount the same will produce in new coin $5 000. Mmm M ha Hereafter the Auditor for the l’ost Ofhce Department shall not oaanqana-ut assert and verify the money orders pertaining to po•tmasters' rmued ,,,"1'f,',$"§,_’§{ lists coverin the period from January first nineteen hundred and ••¤¤• ¤••-·¤•¢ twelve to dime thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twelve: Provided, :.2*;,- _. __ That the statements for said period and accompanying money orders ••••a shall be retained as • part of the record of unpaid rnonei order!

 by the Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen undred

am eng t. The Secret of the 'heae is authorized and directed to y to Emma Morrisuvjiidow of Frankmll. Morris, late Auditor of the ‘l\*e,:sury Y for the War Ilepartment, who lost his life on the twentyoeeond day of December, nineteen hundred, while in the duacharge of hn oMcial duties in the Wmder Building, $2,000, the same equivalent to six months’ salary of the said Frank H. Morris. _ _ The accounting officers of the Treasury are authorized and to regard the service of Joseph Lanzon, late ordnance sergeant United lili- States Army, as continuous from May twentieth, ¤‘€;hteeu hundred and eighty-two, to September second, nineteen hundred and twelve, the date of his death. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. ¤};‘f’__$_°""""' To c out the ob`ects of the "Act concerning carriers engaged *"’”"”§,___,,,,,,,,!"'” in iuzerwiie commercg and their employees," approved June first, -ld-in 1~¤•· eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, $5,000.