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72 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cus. 50-52. 1912. I•rch4. mz CHAP. 60.-Au Act Relative to members ot the Female Nurse Corps serving in I; **:1 sum orat pim. witheutthe uma ct me umm sum. [Pub o. 5.] - Be itemwtedby t}wSenatsand1Housea R of t}w United $$3, N,,,,,°,,,,, States of America in Gmgrsss assernbkdf That the superintendent and •¤¤w,·:, ¤¤¤, ¤¤¤¤v·= members of the Female Nurse (brps when serving in Alaska or at places without the limits of the United States may be allowed the same privileges in regard to cumulative leaves of absence and method of computation of same as are now allowed by law to Army oicers so serving. Approved, March 4, 1912. ¥•¥¤!¤ *~ im GIA?. 51.-—An Act To authorize the Secre of the Interior, the Secm of

 the Treasury, and the Attornesy General to deligrto the governor of the Sgrtgof

[Puhlu.Ne.I•.] NewMe;;'¢;-ojordieuseoflbe ¤te,eu|aiufumitumsandfu1uid1ings,lawbo0ks,and NW ¤•¤*¤¤- Be it enacted the Senate and House o Representatives 0 the United ¤¤?Z•?‘°$°g"éT`; States of Amaiz in Congress asscmblei That the secmirsry of the ,,“l,'§‘,,§‘§,‘;,{‘;_*’°°°“" Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to deliver to the governor of the State o New Mexico, for and in behalf of said gmx allntahe furniture an<l_fiu·nishmgs now the property of the United at the present in the capitol building at Santa Fe, m the State of New Mexico, and which have been purchased from time to Wl- ¤°· P· M time uéideziilthe auphoéig of in Act (I? R. 18166) entitled azgaé Act oena e epeo eo ew exicotoormaconstitution tate government and ge admitted into the Union on an uga} footing with the orignial States; and to enable the peo le of New exico to orm a constitution and_State51ove1-nment and so admitted into the Union ontialn eguatggoolting wi the original States," approved June twent1c , nme n undred an ten. "¤***¤**•* '¤¤*gj· Sec. 2. That the Secret of the Treasury be, and he is hereb QL?} •Z`¤:°¢l:i1ii authorized and totlrgiver to thsugovernor of the State of N ei; ' °° “'”‘ Mexico, for in of said State, of the furmture and furnishings in the capitol builchng at Santa Fe, State of New Mexico, and now the protperty of the United States, and which have been purchased under e authong of the several congressional Acts which have had {or th<;ir e direction and control of the aifairs of the Terri- _ o 0 ew exico. q·,*,Y,',',§i$K{'·,,,$,°‘,Zg; Q gcc. 3. That the Attorney General be, and he hereby, authorized N °°“'¤*°° *°¤*·*· and directed, in so far as the property hereinafter described is, in his judlgment, not needed for the present use of United States courts an judicial officcrs within the State of New Mexico, to deliver to the governor 0 the tate o ew exico, or an in alf of said State f h S f N M f d beh , all law books, typewriters, typewriter desks, letter resses, and other furniture now the property of the Upnited States, and, on J anus? sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve in possemion of the ilpdges an clerks of court in the several judicial, districts of the then emtory of New Mexico. Approved. March 4, 1912. ¤•¤·¤¤·¤¤· ¤¤A1>.e2.-A¤aet'r¤ex¤snduisumst¤re¤m1 ‘ mn.

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