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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sm. II. Cm. 52, 53,55, 56. 1912, 73 counties of Edgedeld, South Carolina and Columbia Georgia` " approved August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, be, add the sanie 18 ereby, extended until August fifth, nineteen hundred and fifteen. Approved, March 5, 1912. ‘ . CHAP. 53.-An Act Authori that eommimion f enaign mndsln’ 'pmen gn; upon graduation {mm the Navalmggdemy. ° bog"-! _ I!-glilln Bmmeadayaa smmmuumqnqmeimwa we Unaad """’"°‘ "“"·' States of in Congress assembled, That the course at the Naval Academy shall be four years, and midshipmen on graduation shall be R-¤3••¤·1¤¤.|>·Il. eommisioned ensigns: Prvmded, That midshipmen now performing °mp?;,,;°,$;_ two years’ service at sea in accordance with existiné law shall be com- m§{°“',’{,§;;=;*:,’::_*°_ missioned forthwith as em? from the date of e of this · Act: And That ose midshipmen of the was °,l'd2&°,$‘l°•'• graduated in nineteen hundred and nine, who have completed two years’ service afloat, and who are due»for promotion, shall Ee commis- .sioned ensigns to take rank with the other members of their class, according to their standing as determined by their iinal multi les, respectively, for the six years’ course, from the ifth day of Jpune, · nineteen hundred and eleven, the date of rank to which they were entitled prior to the passage of this Act: And t{qrtIler, That ¤°*¤°*l*•!• •¤•· plpisbaxck pay or allowances shall result by reason of e passage of


Approved, March 7, 1912. · CHAP. 55.-An Act To amend section fifteen hundred and Eve of the Revised ¥¤'°l¤ u· NW- Statutes of the United States providing for the suspension from promotion of officers of the Navy if not proiemionally qualified. [rnbue, No. so.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 of the United States of America in Congress That section fifteen hundred {f‘§é,h_m“_,,_,` png five of the Revised Statutes be, and is hereby, amended to read as •¤•¤M- o owe: " Sec. 1505. An omcer of the Nav on the active list below the °“°°" Mm rank of commanded- who, upon examination for promotion, is found }}w¤¤¤ Magi: ¤¤>¤|-¤= not professionally ualified, shall be suspended from promotion for a mm", period of six montage from the date of approval of said examination, and shall suiier a loss of numberpueghual to the average six mo¤tl1s’ rate of promotion to the grade for w said officer is undergoing exam1· nation during the five fiscal years next preceding the date of approval of said examination, and upon the termination 0 said suspension from promotion he shall be reexamined, and in case of his failure upon such ’“°“'““"°°"‘°°°‘ reexaminatibn he shall be dropple: from the service with not more than one year’s pay: Provided, t the provisions of this Act shall ,,,_,,,,,, be effective from and after J snuary first, nineteen hundred and eleven." •¤ 1. ml- Approved, March 11, 1912. ' GELR56.-— ActTo rlsothochnngeoftlnemaneoftbestesmer lanhmmz William A. angles. mm _ Bs•}enadedbyt}aeSena¢eandHouseofBfipresentatin>esoftb¢ United _ States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of jg: *""*’• Navigation is hereby authorized and directed, upon gpplication of the A1g;=•i°g*d,Y°‘{;¥}$ owner, the Calumet Transportation C0llEI£ of entor, Ohio, to wi clnnie the name of the steamer William wgood, official number two undred and four thousand seven hundred and one, to that of B. L. Agasiz. Approved, March 11, 1912.