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934 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. III. Ch. 149. .1913. ` Under Department of Justice, $230; Under Post 0Bce Departmmt, $8,329.45; In all, $273,55050. ,,{ g·,, ‘¤°'*¤, JUDGMENTS IN INDIAN DEPREDATION CLAIMS. ¤’•¥¤•¤'~ For a ent of 'u ents rendered by the Court oi Claims in

 yliledationicasaglf certified to Congress in House Document

Numbere?Thirteen hundred and seventy-six, and Senate Document Numbered Eleven hundred and at its present sgsmn, n•a¤¤••¤· $26,410; said judfgients to be paid after e deductions required to v'"‘*"°°‘ be made under provisions of section six of the Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled "An Act to vide for the adjustment and payment o claims arising from Indian d;)n·edations," shall have been ascertained and duly certified by the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of the Treasury, which certiiicationshall bemadeaasponaspractieableacfterthepassage ofthisAct, andsuchdeductionsshall bemadeaccordingto thediscretionof theSecretaryof theInterior, ha dueregrdto the "*""""'* educationalandother uiremsntsoithetri ortribes adected; and the amount; srhdll be reimbursed to the·United States atsuchti1nesaud1nsnchproportiomastbaSe¤e Interior ma decide to be for the interests of the Indian : m Pmvided,Tliatnooneot’saidju shall be paid until the Attorney shall have to Secretary of theTreasurythatthexeexiets su!iieient, in hisopimon, tosupportamotzionforanew oran appeaiofsaid cause. KW °' *PP°•'· None of theljgments contained in this Act shall be paid until the riglht of appe have expired. _ .&?2,°"l;,‘§L'.,?° °“"’ or the net amount of a juggment of the Court of Claims in favor .53::* •· ¤¤*¤ of the Confederated Bands of te Indians, dated February thirteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, to remam in the 'heasum to the credit i¤¤¤•¢· of the Ute Indians. The amount of said judgment sh bear interest at four per centum per annum from an after February thirteenth, Pu pm wr hundreduandbeleggn, suchf interest to be available under an £°&.,m¤¤u.unnu a ronaons ngressor caita entato U, y the Ute entitled? or for expenditure E; their bgaeediz ia the dkcretion of the Secretary of the Interior, $3,305 257.19. cum: mmm by Sec. 2. That for the payment of the followi claims, certified to be ""°"'“"‘ °‘“°"" due by the several aceountingofficers of thegheasury Department under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or vom no. p. xm. carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section Eve of the Act of June twentieth eighteen hundred and seventy~four, and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service v“_¤_’_,“ o the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ten and prior years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certified to Co under . ¤8‘F¢8¤ section two of the act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and e' ty- four as fully set forth in House Document Numbered Thirteen undred and seventy-two, rermrted to Congress at its present session, ere is a ro na as o ws: th pp P wd f CLAIMSALLOWED BYTHEAUDITOR FORTHIETREAS Y DEPARTMENT. UR aww m muh; F"' m"°°u‘“°°“° °?P°¤$¤¤, I¤*¤¤1§l-Revenue Service, $1.40. °¤¤¤¤¤*— Jgilallgymmt of Judgments 'izlmst mternabrevenue oiisicers, I•"or clips} · of Revenue-Cutter Service $844 For e$aving Service, $2,038.72. ’ 91-