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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 935 For fuel, hte, and water for blic build1ngs` 4 The post ldgce, Alexandria, Miriunesota, $60. ’ ,2 824. For- interest on refund of customs duties arising under Act of March "°'- It P~ M third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, $483.09. For refund to the National Cartage and Warehouse Company, *’°‘”P· M New York City (Private Act, Numbered One hundred and twenty, January twenty-fourth, mneteen hundred and twelve), $95.40. ‘ CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE WAR DEPARTMENT. For pa , and so forth, of the Arm , $23,354.02. cm"' ‘°°"“ ”’ For mileage to officers and contrait ns, $8()_3§_ wu D° _ Eor extra-duty pay to enlisted men as mrks, and so forth, at Army . division department headquarters, $591. For subsistence of the Army, $109.75. For regular supphes, Quartermasteis Department, $554.10. For incidental eiripenses, Quartermastefe Department, $5. For barracks an quarters $11.11. For transportation of the Army and its sup `es, $11,552.07. ger water and sevisml at military po£,l$1 .42. or current an o ary e Academ $108. For headstones for graves oi soldiers, yi For National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, .Centra1 Branch, $6. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY_THE AUDITOR FOR THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. _ For pay of the Navy, $31,691.23. Agiisaai-l°ni“i:iri; xii! For pay, miscellaneous, $55.30. P•'*¤°°'· For pay, Marine Corps $1,077.49) For transplortatron and recruiting, Marine Corps, $505.97. For pay, aval Academy, $345.92._ For transportation, Bureau of Navigation, $48.89. For gunnery exercises Bureau of Navigation, $15.75. For outfits on iiret enlistment, Bureau of Navigation, 51 cents. For naval training station, Rhode Island, Bureau of Navigation, $258.24. For naval trainix station, Great Lakes, Bureau of Navigation, $6. For Naval War llegle, Bureau of Navigation, $125.36. For ordnance and or ance stores, Bureau of Ordnance, $719.56. For torpedo station, Bureau of Ordnance, $62.60. For equipment of vessels, Bureau of Egggment, $5,545.71. For coal and transgortatron Bureau o uipment, $795.59. For maintenance ureau oi Yards and Docks, $1,680.63. For rovisions, Navy, Bureau of Sup lies and Accounts, $352.58. For iieight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $801.82. _ For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, $2 050.02. _ ‘ {For steam machinery, Bureau of Steam , $10,086.83. For enlistment bounties to seamen $300. _ For destruction of clothing and for sanitary reasons, $3.55. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. For return of frmds of patients, Government Hospital for the In- ,,,°§?$ §,'}°}{,°,2,,‘§,{ sane, $6.62. _ D°°‘"°°°°“ For education of natives of Alaska, $60. 87618°-vo:. 37-rr 1-—61