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938 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cns. 149, 150. 1913. ' CLAIMSALLOWED BYTHEAUDITOR FORTHEWAR DEPARTMENT. °'“"“ ‘"°‘Y°° *" F , d f rth, of theArm $4,636. i=`•?¤¤`?*:·*f“ iw D9 Fg; Iglrragutyodpugy to enlisted min as clerks, and so forth, at Army division an department headquarters, $845.20. For transportation of the Army and its supplies, $409.79. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. °"*“{.’ °“°"°° "’ F of the Navy, $2,584. ¤i:¤di¤z=:?r N", D.- Fg; gig, Marine Corps, $4.31. For contingent, Marine Co1§s, $10.59. For recruitmg, Bureau of avigation, $45. For gunnery exercises, Bureau of Navigation, $21.48. ger ordnance ordnancgstores, giureau of Ordnance, $330.41. ui men o vessely ureau o m t, $1,000. Fg; ::1lBl1¥t8D8.DOB, Bureau of Yards $4.96. For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $133.50. For Engmee Experimental Station, Annapolis, Maryland, Bureau of S eering, $49.28. For enlistment bounties to seamen, $174.17. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. · ` Chim ¤11¤·¤¤ by F su ey1ng` the public lands, $1,940.32. $Q'{.“..°£{..»$i mmf Fg; re-rrilarking boundary line between Texas and New Mexico, $100. · 'For Indian schools, support, $53.30. For urchase and transportation of Indian mpplies, nineteen hundred) and twelve, $1,630.33. For suppgrt of Indians in California, $115.53. For In n school, Rapid City, South Dakota, heating plant, $352.07. · For indemnity to certain Chickasaw Indians for losses, treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and. fifty·five,.$24,830. CLAIMS ALIDWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE STATE AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS. A¤°${'JI-’m°1$°a”£?¤¤°Z ger eqaxlitipment, Bureau of Staindards, $1(§79. or y nses, t an ti , $17.80. For ipees of commissioners, United Stafteg nineteen hundred and twelve, $46.30. Approved, March 4, 1913.

    • •*·=¤* me cnn. 150.-e-A A ‘ · · ·

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”""‘"‘ 9111113 !1¤¤1¤d» 1'¤¤P¤¤l·1V Y, l1¤1’6by appro riated, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise agpmpnated: and the other half out of the revenues of the District of lumbia, in full for the pmses followmg, being for the Bxpenses of the government of the trict of Columbia for the fiscal year June thirtieth nineteen hundred _ and fourteen, namely: ’