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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 945 For the purchase of enamel metal or other metal identification V***¤¤ number tags for horse-drawn vehicles used for business purposes and mcitor vehi%1lp. the Dnstnciggf Ogumbzip), $1,350. or_repa1ro uildnigsown an used ytheDis|:rictofCcl1nnbia Rmfrlns an ra- Wh¤¤ 1¤]¤1'6d byjirc, e unemiled balance of the a propriation of ’°$:`L sc. p. m $10,000 apptrgpnaged fogntl:1 auaykleardnirieteen hundred and ten is reaproria anconuav eurmg' the °

and fourteen. yur mnomm

ormakmg` surve toobtainaccixratedatawith referencetool Svrwlnsuamasubdivisions m the Ihztrict of Colmnbia, $2,500. d mmm $21;%% mamteuanee and repairs to the District of Columbia markets, ¥¤¤¤·¤•¤¤ For inaintenance and air of fish wharf and market to be imme- """"""· din§ely available, $800} mir f ’ ““'°w` _ ereafter materials or eproo building , other structural mate- '1‘•¤¤¤x pmchsd nals, and all materials, other than materia for pa and for fuel, mwah Bourchased for and to be used by the government of the District of lumbia, when necessari in the judgment of the commissioners to be tested, shall be tested y the Bureau of Standards under the same conditions as similar testing is required to be done for the United States Government. DJPROVEMENTS AND REPAIRS. ,,,,;"'{§""”"°"“ •°“ $2?€snssunN·r am: rnnarn woaxz For assemment and permit work, m{’;'§L"""""" P" ,000. , Wonx on srums arm avmums: For work on streets and avenues ,,Y,‘},',,’§_°“’°'°°“ *°‘ named in Appendix P, Book of Estimates, nineteen hundred and fourteen, $67,800, to be expended in the discretion of the commissioners upon streets and avenues specified in the schedules named in said appendix and in the aggregate for each schedule as stated herein, namely: muah Gr:onezr0wN scnnnumn: $6,500. Nonrncwnsr sr:c·r10N scnnnuua (including Vermont Avenue, V Street, and Eighteenth Street, as described in said schedule): $16 500. Sorrrnwrzsr sncrxon scnanum (including I Street from Sixth Street to Seventh Street): $6,300. Sowrnnasr sncrxou scrmnur.1: (including South Carolina Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, as described in said schedule, and also $11 ,000 for A Street from Massachusetts Avenue to Fourteenth Street, and Thirteenth Street from Massachusetts Avenue to B Street): $19,000. Noarruzasr sncrrou scnnnmn: $19,500. _ F . Prmzidal, That streets and avenues named in said schedules al- s¤¤e¤`p•»a wm. ready paved with Belgian block or granite shall not be paved_0r ”°‘**"‘*"°""·"‘°· otherwise improved under this appropriation, and the remaimng streets and avenues, except as herein specified, shall be contracted for nn the order in which they appear in said schedules, and be completed in auch order as nearly as practicable, and shall be paved, in the discretion of the commissioners, instead of being graded and revnlated. _ _ Under appropriations contained in this Act no contract be P_‘;g'_{',;¤,f' °*P!”*“ made for making or relaying asglhalt pavement at a hiilgenpnce $1.80 er square yard for a `Ru `ty equal to the best d in the trict ol Columbia prior to J y first, eighteen hundred and eighty-eu, and with same depth of base, nor more than $1.80 per squarejard for laying standard asphalt block pavement equal to the best lard in the District of Columbia prior to uly first, nineteen hundred and four: _ Provided, That these conditions as to price and depth of base shall m¤·%e1’w"mau¤we,j_ not appl to those streets on which, in the judgment of the commissioners, hiv reason of heavy trailic, poor foundation, or other causes,