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946 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sun. IH. Ch. 150. 1913. a pavement of more than ordinary strength is required, in which case thelimit f be`creasedto$2pe uareyard. P•·¤•¢°¤¤¤¤¤NW- For p:vii§}m·Syueetmnorthwest, fronl “Seventeenth Street to ' th S . ¤•¤¤v¤¤¢ 0 ¤¤¤¤* or hdt block the roadway of C Street NE' no n First Street tl>s%`ourth Street, thirty-two feet wide, $12 000. •v¤¤ '1‘··¤¤ - F vmg' Twen —third Street from Kaloruna Roadto S Street, °;°s°°§*Nw` U witlinlcliislcrege pavqient, bothe where not alread t, ro wa wen our ee e, . _ i¤¤¤¤•¤ ¤¤¤= ¤ So otfrtlie Act for the naval service °"’ ’°°‘ for the Escal year ending June , mneteen lumdred and eleven, and for other purposes, aggroved .}une_tw¢·nty-fourth, nineteen huntrack connection m na m e SR‘l.°“" *°"* “ ‘°°""°‘- $.;‘§L*‘31‘..*‘{‘J"%“s’.t‘1t‘.f.‘°‘ “‘° °€§‘a"’°‘1¥3‘

v$olurnbi•, therein   for, the   Baltiaelungton m shall a 1 own 6Xp6I1B6_ ,

Putin or uu; to me the track connectionP;i1& 'navy yard, is hereby "°v'§'_"§_'°,¥,,,_ amnndedwbf lnmting portion of existing track connection to berqmo tothatSportaonoftraekwh1chheseastof theyvestbui1d— ptgtaagauea ing lme_of Second _ treet east; and the portion of said ‘“ connection lying withm public space west of the west building e of anged er au mmissaoners e o $’£°°“d St?{° W '5»°*° “.?“5.J‘3L' °"“" °' "T.?’¤.”°i>°.¥‘t‘r‘ic'J’¥ Columbia, is hereb authorized to remain aa a grade siding and spur tracksorsi<lings eonstructedatthegradeoft11eabuttn1g plpablic mm, ue au _ abutting on u we occuggd n connec on, withpthe apsgroval of _ of the District of Columbia, and upon such conditions as may be imposed bg them. ending. Gamma smnms, aunts, nm mms: For bor and for the purchase and repair of cars, carts, tools, or the hire of the same, and horses, andtheinmatesof theWashingtonAsy1umandJailmaybeusedin ooiigection with thi work, $15,000. F ¤¤¤•¤¤¤<¤ unmmarrox or s·mnm·s, aoans Arm sum : urchage condemnation of streets, roads, and alleys, $1,000? or P or ¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤M• ¤·¤ `Conmnucnou or smwnnax mms: or construction of suburban c¤¤¤¤u¤. roads and suburban streets, to be disbursed and accounted for as "0onstructxon of mud pulpurban streets," and for that ns 1 u on , ; P Northwest. céirard Street, Fourtlgenlhogos Fifteenth Streets, pave (thirty feet), $7,300; ( Nortl;wee;t. Euclid Street, Eleventh to Thirteenth Streets, pave th1rf eet , $5,900; ( No1?tl}eas§. 3 §&1;eet, Lincoln Road to, North Capitol Street, pave thirty eet , ; Northeast. Rhode Island Avenue, Lincoln Road to North Capitol Street, ave (forty feet), $7 ,900; _ Nortlleast. Rhode Island Avenue, Lincoln Road to Fourth Street, imgrove, $11,000; orthwest. Connecticut Avenue, Newark to Tilden Streets, grade and improve, $15,500; Noi-t’Hes•t80Elev¢mth Street, Clifton Street to Columbia Road, imv f ! ; ¥mN'd’rthw£•;té0gdams Street, North Capitol Street to Fimt Street, im rove, , ; f Randolph Place, First to Second Streets, pave (thirty a 1 i

 Third Street, Florida Avenue to T Street, pave (forty