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958 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. HFo}1; tlgzhcoristsrypctiou of a four—room addition to the Congress ` ts , 3,000; _ ¥`%r the 0!;•l?Bt·l'\1G60l1 of a six~room addition to the Birney School, $51 000. . _ km °°°*¤* HW 'lloward the ytruction of aéxigw 031 the sit; t e an 0 er wor gecessary tgrpmpu-lg e sig: thevkrading of an athletic field, the construction of retaining walls, an the construction of an athletic m¤=¤¤¤¢¤¤n- stadium, and the total cost of said work shall not exceed $1,200,000, mmder contracts which are hereby authorized therefor $300,000. ,°}‘£x"f,’,,¢l§*,,{°"°°‘ Tpgvard tthh; construction 0; a 13::tM Street H»gih“Scl;•glt{;>r colgrlged ` site or p an w egra inaaszma Ki1E.i&°$a, and Iihe total cost of said bniildingshall not exceed $550,000, under contracts which are hereby authorized therefor, $150 000. ‘ $1Fdr the purchme of grosmd adjacent to the Petworth School, 5,000. For the purchase of ground adjacent to the Briggs School, for ‘ playground space, approximately nine thousand square Q I ° . 5:2 *·‘··* Pm‘··#· 0: lm me ·;·‘l..¤*s· ·¤“";.m.h.“:?t* ,asas1teor anntoeo . ,, . &uFor‘ivh:npurchase of gutlund niixrth of Rhode Island Avenue on which to ergcbgalp adldigionalu school building for the Woodridge and Langdon ne` oo , 12, . ' m1_·:=¤g&¤f ¤••¢ ¤f ilgist ih; total costdxgltgne sites and oflgligdseveral and resfpoctivo ’ provi or, m - iications to be previously made andmip provedrm not etixuceesiltchle sevgral anetlhrespective sucrgs of money h)erein respectively approprite or su rposes. Plans 3 Thiii.- ilhle plans and specifiiiiitions for all buildings {provided for in ,,,·§$?L"°°l°°‘°°'P' this Act shall be prepared under the supervision 0 the municipal architect of the District of Columbia an shall be approved by the Colgngmissionans of the District of Columbia, and shall be constructed in rmit ereto. _ '_1gg·>gm¤¤ ¤1>¤¤ we c0Sc(hool buildings authorised and appropriated for herein shall be ’ constructed with all doors intended to be used as exits or entrances opening outward, and each of said buildings having in excess of eight rooms shall have at least four exits. No part of any appropriation

  Achshall  uised foal the mailxetgnance of schooliin any

un a outs: e oois ereto as 'ts t ` shall open outward and be kigt unlocked Every scliaoxdl dei); ghriiaiig half hour before until one-h hour after school hours. ugwmd <1¤m¤1>¤· Coumnra INSTITUTION Fox mm DEAF: For expenses attending P A the instruction of deaf and dumb lplirsons admitted to the Columbia

  • ‘·“··’°°·“‘“*l’·“"* Institution for the Deaf from the trict of Columbia, under section

forty-e1§ht hundred and sixty-four of the Revised Statutes, and as VM. 31. r- 844- provide for in the Act approved March first, nineteen hundred and one, and under a contract to be entered into with the said institution by tlh¢;hCom}11issionemb8of the District of Columbia, $11,900, or so muc ereo as may necessa . °"°"" *’°*’“'· agF¢;;1 the maintgetnhanggigitnd Euigéhlof cglored iilegimuges of teachiible e o e nc 0 o um ia t Sch f V°" °°*”‘°°1‘ §olored Mut:s, ai au(;.h<:1rize% an gist of (loriigiigss apgfovgd _ ,nmeeenunrean ve, d t ttobe entered mto by the Comnnssioners of the l;i:tril;i.xotflCgln(i(1ii1b§c$4,550, my c wm cw. or so much_thereof as may be necessary. d,,,L"‘“ For the mstruction of indigent blind children of the District of Columbia, m Maryland or some other State, under a contract to be entered mto by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia ! $7,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary.