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960 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. liceonchargeofoifenseagainst lawir1forcein the1?istrictof Cglumbia, or held as witneses, or iinal mvestrgatron or examination or otherwise, including salaries of two clerks, at $900 each; four drivers, at $600 each; hustler $600; six guards, at $000 each; threematrons, at $500each; expemes, mcludmg rent, fo , fuel, gas, horseshoerng, ice laundry, meals, horses, wagonsan$harnessanrlrepairst»o•ame, audothernecessary expenses, . $3440; in all,$13,640 orsornnch thereof asma benecessary. ¤·¤¤*¤•¤¤L llanson PATROL} ho? at $1,000 each; watchman, $540; two deckhands,at$540 ;malI,$3,620; _ _ _ , For fuel, construction, maintenance, repairs, and mcrdentals, $2 000· · ` · ln ain, same. a rnedapuhrnc. FRE DEP . kid- Chief ,$3,500;depu chiefengineer,$2,500;threebattalion engineers, at $2,000y each; fire marshal, $2,000; deputy fire marshal, $1,4.00; two inspectors, at $1,080 each; chief c_erk, $1,800; clerk, $1,200; -seven captains, at $1,400 each; thirty- nine heutenants, at $1 each; superintendent of machmery, $2,000; asistant superintendent of machinery, $1,200; twenty-five en%neere, at $1,150 each; twenty-five asistaut engineers, at $1,100 eac ;two pibts, at $1,150 each;twomarineerrgineers, at $1,150 each; two assistant marine mgineers, at $1,100 each; two marine firemen, at $720 each; thirty-nme drivers, at $1,150 each; thirtyynine assktant drivers, at $1,100 each; two hundred and nineteen privates of class two, at $1,080 each; forty-two privates of class one, at $960 each; hostler, $600; laborer, $480· in all, $552,520.

 ¤••*· Hereafter no member of the fire department shall, unless on leave

I"' of absence, go beyond the confines of the District of Columbia, or be Inv- ¤¤•¤•¤¤~ absent from duty without permission· and leaves of absence exceeding twenty days in any one year shall be without p-By and require the consent of the commissioners, and such year sh be from Jann _=¤:¤·I:•`iL• ¤¢*· first to December thirty-first, both inclusive, and thirty days slim be the term of total sic leave in any year without disallowance of pay; and leave of absence with gay of members of the fire department of the District of Columbia may extendedin cases of illness or in'ury incurred in line of duty, upon recommendation of the board of surgeons approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, for such period thirty days in any calendar year as in the jument of the commissioners may be necesary. - ¤¤=¤•¤·¤•·¤a _ us: For repairs and im vements to engine houses and not exceeding :1],0000 for special and urgent re urs, ; Ever repairs to apparatus and motor vehicles and other motordnven agp-aratus, and for new apparatus, new motor vehicles, and new app ces, $14 000; For Rlurchase of hose, $15,000; For el, $15,000; For purchase of horses, $12,750; ilu- mp...°°g°s’ r rr ine nm me or an im rovements o the t, · °°°"‘°'°‘“¤'°"* For contingent e;pen2es, horseshoe , furniture,) fixtures, oil, medical and stable supplies, hamss, blrfsismithing, gas and electric lrggtrlig, Sa;)d halyards, and other necessary items, $26,000. ¤¤§\$: M “¥"°v-'5m¤'T¤» mm DZYQKTIINTI For re air and storage bmldmg, mcludmgpoet of excavat , cove ami, lining a grgéeorgé and connecting sand building withmim- quarters,