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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172. 1838. 283 Jonesville, in Michigan, to Evansport, in Ohio. From Ingham to the mouth of North black river. From the county seat of Van Buren county to the mouth of South Black river. From Monroe to Adrian. From Adrian to Springville. From Marshal to Ingham. VWsumsin.—-From Janesville, by New Albany, mouth of Picatonica, In W*€°°¤¤l¤ and Rockford, to Dixon's ferry, Illinois. From Rockford, by Brew- "`°°°bhsh°d' ster’s ferry, to Wiota. From Chicago, by McHenry, Fontana, (at the head of Lake Geneva, Turtle creek, Janesville, Hume, and Madison, to Wisconsin city, on the Wisconsin river. From Southport, by Pleasant prairie and Geneva, to the county seat of Walworth county. From Milwaukee, by New Berlin, Springfield, and Troy, to Janesville. From Green Bay, by Depere, La Fontaine, Calumet village, Fond du Lac, and Fox lake, to Madison, and from Fox lake to Fort Winnebago. From Fond du Lac, by the mouth of Fox river, to Little Butte des Morts. From Fond du Lac to Sheboyegan. From Green Bay, by N eeshoto, to Twin river. From Milwaukee, by Lisbon, Belletere, and Watertown, to Kentucky city. From Janesville, by Jefferson, to Watertown. From Wl1ite—oak springs, by New Diggings and Milseat bend, to [Elk Grove.] From Duck creek to Green Bay. From Helena, via English prairie, to Prairie du Chien. From Galena, Illinois, by Sinsinawa mound, to Du Buque. Discontinuc as follows :-From Milwaukee to the outlet Di ¤¤¤ii¤¤¢d· of Lake Koshkenong. From the outlet of Lake Koshkenong to the city of the Four Lakes. From Little Butte des Morts to Fort Winnebago. From Fond du Lac to the city of the Four Lakes. From Fond du Lac to Fort Winnebago. Iowa.--From Dubuque to the county seat of Delaware county. From I;,P;\';,*•·°*· Dubuque, by the county seat of Jones county, and Rochester, on the h is Red Cedar, to West Liberty. From Dubuque, by Richfield, Point Pleasant, and Davenport, to Stephenson, Illinois. From Davenport, by Centreville and Moscow, to Rochester on the Red Cedar river. From Fort Madison, by West Point and Tuscarora, to Bentonport. From New Boston, Illinois, by Blackhawk and Wappello, to Mount Pleasant. From Fort Madison, Iowa, to Carthage. Illinois. From Bloomington, by Cedarville, and West Liberty, to Napoleon. From Wappello,,by Catesse and Sissinamo, to Napoleon. From Wapsepinicon to Bellevue; the present route to be changed so as to run by Camanche, New York, Lyons, and Charleston. From Burlington, via Ellison’s creek, Illinois, St. Augustine and Middle grove, to Peoria. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That each and every railroad s,‘?g,’:;l"°“d; within the limits of the United States which now is, or hereafter may ,.,,.;.,8, .:3°n,, be made and completed, shall be a post route, and the Postmaster Ge- P0¤*·¤¤¤¤>f General shall cause the mail to be transported thereon, provided he can :,°,$‘fl,g°Q’:$,:i;:_ have it done upon reasonable terms, and not paying therefor in any ported thereon. instance more than twenty-five per centum over and above what similar 1839, ch. 4. transportation would cost in post coaches. Sec. 3. And be it farther enacted, That the above post routes shall The ,,,0,,, go into operation on the first of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, routes shall go or sooner, should the funds of the Department justify the same; Pro- ;Q’_f;i‘;'°“ vided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport 1839, or- mmm-, the mails over any portion of the above routes for the revenue derived 6*;- _ from the new offices to be established thereon, until the first of July, r°m°' eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, the Postmaster General shall forthwith put them into operation. Approved, July 7, 1838.