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TREATIES REGULATION XLI. Certificated Lifeboatmen. beotimited life In order to obtain the special lifeboatman's certificate provided for Ante, . 1144. in Article 22 of the present Convention, the applicant must prove that he has been trained in all the operations connected with launching life- boats and the use of oars; that he is acquainted with the practical handling of the boats themselves; and, further, that he is capable of understanding and answering the orders relative to lifeboat service. There shall be for each boat or life-raft a number of lifeboatmen at least equal to that specified in the following table:- Th of C( If the Prescribed Complement is- Less than 41 persons .. . . ...... From 41 to 61 persons .. . ...... From 62 to 85 persons .. . ...... Above 85 persons ........... .e Minimum Number ertificated Lifeboatmen shall be- 2 3 4 5 REGULATION XLII. Manning of Boats. A deck officer or certificated lifeboatman shall be placed in charge of each boat or life-raft and a second in command shall also be nomi- nated. The person in charge shall have a list of its crew, and shall see that the men placed under his orders are acquainted with their several duties. A man capable of working the motor shall be assigned to each motor boat. A man capable of working the wireless and searchlight installations shall be assigned to boats carrying this equipment. The duty of seeing that the boats, life-rafts and buoyant apparatus and other lifesaving apparatus are at all times ready for use shall be assigned to one or more officers. REGULATION XLIII. Fire Detection and Extinction. 1. An efficient patrol system shall be maintained, so that any out- break of fire may be promptly detected. In addition, a fire alarm or fire detecting system shall be provided, which will automatically indi- cate or register at one or more points or stations, where it can be most quickly observed by officers and crew, the presence or indication of fire in any part of the ship not accessible to the patrol system. Manning of boats. Fire detection and extinction. 1256