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MULTILATERAL-NAVAL ARMAMENT -MARCH 25. 1936 Article 8 Every vessel shall be rated at its standard displacement, as mestraird displ ace defined in Article 1A of the present Treaty. Ante, p. 167 . Article 9 No preparations shall be made in merchant ships in time of peace for the installation of warlike armaments for the purpose of con- verting such ships into vessels of war, other than the necessary stiffening of decks for the mounting of guns not exceeding 6-1 in. (155 mm.) in calibre. Article 10 Vessels which were laid down before the date of the coming into force of the present Treaty, the standard displacement or armament of which exceeds the limitations or restrictions prescribed in this Part of the present Treaty for their category or sub-category, or vessels which before that date were converted to target use exclusively or retained exclusively for experimental or training purposes under the provisions of previous treaties, shall retain the category or designation which applied to them before the said date. Part III ADVANCE NOTIFICATION AND EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION Preparingmerchant- men for armament in peace-time. New construction, effective date, exceed- ing limitations. Conversions for tar- get use. Part III. Advance notifica- tion and exchange of information. Article 11 (1) Each of the High Contracting Parties shall communicate every year to each of the other High Contracting Parties information, as hereinafter provided, regarding His annual programme for the construction and acquisition of all vessels of the categories and sub-categories mentioned in Article 12 (a), whether or not the vessels concerned are constructed within His own jurisdiction, and periodical information giving details of such vessels and of any alter- ations to vessels of the said categories or sub-categories already completed. Annual programs. Communication to other Parties. (2) For the purposes of this and the succeeding Parts of the Date ofreception. present Treaty, information shall be deemed to have reached a High Contracting Party on the date upon which such information is communicated to His Diplomatic Representatives accredited to the High Contracting Party by whom the information is given. (3) This information shall be treated as confidential until published Confidential tret- by the High Contracting Party supplying it. 1375