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MULTILATERAL-NAVAL ARMAMENT -MARCH 25, 1936 Article 12 The information to be furnished under the preceding Article in respect of vessels constructed by or for a High Contracting Party shall be given as follows; and so as to reach all the other High Con- tracting Parties within the periods or at the times mentioned:- (a) Within the first four months of each calendar year, the Annual Programme of construction of all vessels of the following categories and sub-categories, stating the number of vessels of each category or sub-category and, for each vessel, the calibre of the largest gun. The categories and sub-categories in question are:- Capital Ships- sub-category (a) sub-category (b) Aircraft-Carriers- sub-category (a) sub-category (b) Light Surface Vessels- sub-category (a) sub-category (b) sub-category (c) Submarines. (6) Not less than four months before the date of the laying of the keel, the following particulars in respect of each such vessel:- Name or designation; Category and sub-category; Standard displacement in tons and metric tons; Length at waterline at standard displacement; 1377 Furnishing informa- tion; procedure. Programs of vessel construction. Extreme beam at or below waterline at standard displace- ment; Mean draught at standard displacement; Designed horse-power; Designed speed; Type of machinery; Type of fuel; Number and calibre of all guns of 3 in. (76 mm.) calibre and above; Approximate number of guns of less than 3 in. (76 mm.) calibre; Number of torpedo tubes; Whether designed to lay mines; Approximate number of aircraft for which provision is to be made. (c) As soon as possible after the laying-down of the keel of a te on which ke each such vessel, the date on which it was laid. (d) Within one month after the date of completion of each Completion. such vessel, the date of completion together with all the par- ticulars specified in paragraph (b) above relating to the vessel on completion.