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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES SCHEDULE I NOTE 1: In determining the articles to which the treatment specified in this Schedule shall apply, the descriptions in the column headed "Articles" shall be controlling. NOTE 2: The term "in packages" where used in this Schedule refers to articles in containers of 1200 grams net or less. The term "in bulk" means articles not in containers of 1200 grams net or less, and not in tablets or other special forms, except crystals, of 200 grams net or less. Section A Netherlands Tariff Law of 1934 Tariff Number Ex6 Articles Basis of Rate of Monopoly Assessment Duty Fee Copy presses, letter presses and similar office equipment: 1) If weighing 150 kilos or less Ad val. 2) If weighing over 150 kilos Ad val. 10% 6% Ex8 Ex8 Ex59B.B. 2a Automobile tires: casings Automobile tires: inner tubes Lumber, American fir and pine, when merely squared 62 I and II Refrigerators and refrigerating apparatus assembled or not, and parts thereof: 1) If volume exceeds 2 cu. me- ters (outside measure- ment) for refrigerators or if weight exceeds 15 kilos for refrigerating units Ex95B.B. a,band d Ex 104 II and B. B. 2b Ex 104 2) All other types Copper, in pigs, bars and ingots Turpentine, vegetable Pure lard and steam lard: a) When used as a basic materi- al for fabrication of mar- garine b) When used as a basic ma- terial for technical pro- duction c) When used for reexport, fab- ricated or not Ad val. 12% Ad val. 12% - - Free Ad val. 6% Ad val. - --- 12% Free --- Free .----- Free



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