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1542 Schedule IL United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Articles Amyl alcohol, whether primary, second- Amyl alcohol, whether primary, second- ary, or tertiary Fusel oil Rate of Duty 4e per lb. 4( per lb. 5 Laundry sour containing not less than 20 per centum of sodium silicofluoride and not less than 10 per centum of oxalic acid, not specially provided for 5 Ammonium silicofiuoride 5and23 Haarlem oil, whether or not in any form or container specified in paragraph 23 Caffeine Theobromine Flavoring extracts, and natural or syn- thetic fruit flavors, fruit esters, oils and essences, all the foregoing and their com- binations, containing more than 50 per centum of alcohol Amyl acetate Edible gelatin, valued at less than 40 cents per pound Glycerin, refined 15% ad val. 15% ad val. 15% ad val. 90f per lb. 65f per lb. 60o per lb. and 18% ad val. 4^ per lb. 12% ad val. and 2~% per lb. 4% per lb., plus the lowest rate of ordi- nary customs duty provided for crude glycerin the product of any foreign coun- try except Cuba, at the time such refined glycerin is entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for con- sumption; but not more than 1%$ per lb. 58 12X% ad val. Distilled or essential cajeput oil not con- taining alcohol INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES SCHEDULE II Note: The provisions of this Schedule shall be construed and given the same effect, and the application of collateral provisions of the customs laws of the United States to the provisions of this Schedule shall be determined insofar as may be practicable as if each provision of this Schedule appeared respectively in the statu- tory provision noted in the column at the left of the respective descriptions of articles. In the case of articles enumerated in this Schedule, which are subject on the day of the signature of this Agreement to additional or separate ordinary customs duties, whether or not imposed under the statutory provision noted in the col- umn at the left of the respective description of the article, such separate or addi- tional duties shall continue in force, subject to any reduction indicated in this Schedule or hereafter provided for, until terminated in accordance with law, but shall not be increased. 4 4 15 15 24 37 41 42