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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Schedule II-Con- tinued. SCHEDULE II-Continued United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Articles 762 Poppy seed 764 Other garden and field seeds: Beet (except sugar beet) Cabbage Carrot Kale Mangelwurzel Radish Spinach Turnip Rutabaga Flower All other garden and field seeds not spe- cially provided for 769 Split peas 774 Cabbage in its natural state 775 Sauerkraut 775 Onions, pickled, or packed in brine 776 Chicory, ground, or otherwise prepared 777 (a) Cocoa and chocolate, unsweetened 777 (b) Cocoa and chocolate, sweetened: In bars or blocks weighing ten pounds or more each In any other form, whether or not pre- pared, valued at 10 cents or more per pound 777 (c) Cacao butter 802 Gin 912 Labels, for garments or other articles, wholly or in chief value of cotton or other vegetable fiber 1005 (a) (1) Cordage, including cables, tarred or un- tarred, composed of three or more strands, each strand composed of two or more yarns, wholly or in chief value of sisal Any of the foregoing smaller than three- fourths of one inch in diameter shall be subject to an additional duty of 160 per 100 lbs. 30 per lb. 6~ per lb. 3f per lb. 36 per lb. 2~ per lb. 3¢ per lb. %OSper lb. 4• per lb. 4• per lb. 3i per lb. 3( per lb. 1Y40 per lb. 1A4 per lb. 25% ad val. 25% ad val. 30 per lb. 1%0 per lb., net weight 21 per lb. 20% ad val. 12%% ad val. $2.50 per proof gallon 25% ad val. 1 per lb. 7%% ad val. Rate of Duty