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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 836 ----- Alaska Game Law, amendment. AN ACT To further amend the Alaska game law -------------------

837 ----- Hawaii, electric franchise. AN ACT To approve Act num- bered 65 of the Session Laws of 1939 of the Territory of Hawaii, entitled "An Act to amend Act 29 of the Session Laws of Hawaii, 1929, granting to J. K. Lota and associates a franchise for electric light, current, and power in Hanalei, Kauai, by including Moloaa within such franchise"----- 838 ----- Hawaii,electricfranchise. AN ACT To approve Act numbered 214 of the Session Laws of 1939 of the Territory of Hawaii, entitled "An Act to amend Act 105 of the Session Laws of Hawaii, 1921, granting franchise for the manufacture, maintenance, distribution, and supply of electric current for light and power within Kapaa and Waipouli in the district of Kawaihau on the island and county of Kauai, by includ- ing within said franchise the entire district of Kawaihau, island of Kauai." ----- ---------- ---------- ------- 839 ----- Transportationof household goods, etc. AN ACT To provide for uniformity of allowances for the transportation of house- hold goods of civilian officers and employees when trans- ferred from one official station to another for permanent duty -------------------------- 840 ----- Merchant Marine Act, 1936, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended ------------- 841 ----- Saco Divide unit, Milk River project, Mont. AN ACT Author- izing allocation of funds for the construction of Saco Divide unit, Milk River project, and for other purposes ----- 842 ----- Purchases and contracts. AN ACT To consolidate certain exceptions to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes and to improve the United States Code---- ------------------- 843 ----- Stony Point Light Station Reservation, N. Y. AN ACT To further amend the Act of July 30, 1937, authorizing the conveyance of a portion of the Stony Point Light Station Reservation to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission_ 844 ----- Bridge, Whetstone Diversion Channel. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the Department of Highways and the county of Big Stone, State of Minnesota, to construct, maintain, and operate a free highway bridge across the Whetstone Diversion Channel at or near Ortonville, Minnesota --------------------------------- 106 National defense housing. JOINT RESOLUTION Making an additional appropriation for national defense housing for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes- ------------------------------------------- 845 ----- National Defense, Army Air Corps. AN ACT To amend the National Defense Act, as amended, so as to provide for retirement of assistant chiefs of branches and of wing com- manders of the Air Corps with the rank and pay of the highest grade held by such officers as assistant chiefs and wing commanders, and for other purposes ------- --- 846 ----- Civil Service Retirement Act of 1930, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Civil Service Retirement Act and other retirement Acts ------------------------------------ 847 ----- Metropolitan police, D. C., etc., retirement. AN ACT To pro- vide for the retirement of certain members of the Metro- politan Police Department of the District of Columbia, the United States Park Police force, the White House Police force, and the members of the Fire Department of the Dis- trict of Columbia---------------------------------- 848 ----- Water conservation. AN ACT To amend an Act entitled "An Act authorizing construction of water conservation and utilization projects in the Great Plains and arid and semi- arid areas of the United States", approved August 11, 1939 (53 Stat. 1418), and an Act entitled "An Act to promote con- servation in the arid and semiarid areas of the United States by aiding in the development of facilities for water storage and utilization, and for other purposes", approved August 28, 1937 (50 Stat. 869)------------------------ 849 ----- National defense housing. AN ACT To expedite the pro- vision of housing in connection with national defense, and for other purposes--------------------------------- 850 ----- Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939. AN ACT To protect producers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers from the unrevealed presence of substitutes and mixtures in spun, woven, knitted, felted, or otherwise manufactured wool products, and for other purposes------------------ Date Oct. 10,1940_- - Oct. 10 ,1940- _- Oct. 10, 1940_ - - Oct. 10,1940_ - - Oct. 10,1940__- Oct. 10,1940__- Oct. 10,1940__- Oct. 10,1940--- Oct. 10,1940--- Oct. 14,1940-- Oct. 14, 1940--- Oct. 14 ,1940--- Oct. 14,1940-- Oct. 14,1940--- Oct. 14,1940--- Oct. 14, 1940- - 1128 Page 1103 1104 1105 1105 1106 1108 1109 1114 1114 1115 1116 1116 1118 1119 1125 xxxi