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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-524—OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2455

"(c) Each student who enrolls in vocational education programs and to whom subsection (b) applies shall receive— "(1) assessment of the interests, abilities, and special needs of such student with respect to completing successfully the vocational education program; "(2) special services, including adaptation of curriculum, instruction, equipment, and facilities, designed to meet the needs described in clause (1); "(3) guidance, counseling, and career development activities conducted by professionally trained counselors who are associated with the provision of such special services; and "(4) counseling services designed to facilitate the transition from school to post-school employment and career opportunities. "PART B—VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT, INNOVATION, AND EXPANSION "USES OF FUNDS

"SEC. 251. (a) From the portion of the allotment of each State under section 101 available for this part from amounts appropriated pursuant to section 3(a) for each fiscal year, each State may use funds so available to meet the needs identified in the State plan for— "(1) the improvement of vocational education programs within the State designed to improve the quality of vocational education, including high-technology programs involving an industry-education partnership as described in part D of title III, apprenticeship training programs, and the provision of technical assistance; "(2) the expansion of vocational education activities necessary to meet student needs and the introduction of new vocational education programs, particularly in economically depressed urban and rural areas of the State; "(3) the introduction of new vocational education programs, particularly in economically depressed urban and rural areas; "(4) the creation or expansion of programs to train workers in skilled occupations needed to revitalize businesses and industries or to promote the entry of new businesses and industries into a State or community; "(5) exemplary and innovative programs which stress new and emerging technologies and which are designed to strengthen vocational education services and activities; "(6) the improvement and expansion of postsecondary and adult vocational education programs and related services for out-of-school youth and adults, which may include upgrading the skills of (A) employed workers, (B) workers who are unemployed or threatened with unemployment as a result of technological change or industrial dislocation, (C) workers with limited English proficiency, and (D) displaced homemakers and single heads of households; "(7) the improvement and expansion of career counseling and guidance authorized by part D of title III; "(8) programs relating to curriculum development in vocational education within the State, including the application of basic skills training;

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