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INSECTS Thames ; H. radiafus, Curt., at Leatherhead ; Drusus annu/atus, Steph., between Leith Hill and Wotton (McLachlan), probably the most southerly locality in Britain ; Cbeetopteryx villosa, Fabr., at Leather- head, Ripley, Guildford and Haslemere. In the Sericostomatidez, Sericostoma personatum, Spence, is abundant at the White Falls Leatherhead, Box Hill and Wisley ; Notodobia ciliaris, Linn., is frequent along the canal at Byfleet and equally so on the Thames, and on the Wye near Send ; GoSra pilosa, Curt., at Newark Abbey, Kew, the White Falls, Ripley and near Byfleet ; Silo pallipes, Fabr., at Haslemere ; Lepidostoma birtum, Fabr., at Bookham Common and Ripley ; Lasciocepbala basalis, Kol., at the White Falls Leather- head ; and Crunoecia irrorafa, Curt., at Haslemere and Leith Hill. Of the long-horned Ltpfoctrufef, Odontocerum albicorne, Scop., is com- mon at the White Falls Leatherhead ; Mo/anna augustafa, Curt., has been taken at Byfleet and in profusion along the Thames ; Leptocerus nigro-neruosus, Fabr., at Battersea, Putney and Kew ; L. alboguttatus, Linn., at Newark Abbey, Kingston-on-Thames and Kew ; L. annuli- cornis, Steph., at Kew ; L. cinereus, Curt., in the utmost profusion about the Thames ; L. aterrimus, Steph., at the Hut Pond, Bookham Common and, with its variety, perfusus, Steph., at Kew ; L. bilineatus, Linn, (bifas- ciatus, Oliv.), at Kingston-on-Thames and Haslemere ; and L. dissimilis, Steph., at Kingston-on-Thames and Kew, where L. albifrons, Linn., is also taken. Trianodes bicolor, Curt., is recorded from Kew ; Mystacides nigra, Linn., from Newark Abbey ; M. azurea, Linn., from the White Falls Leatherhead, Byfleet Canal and Kew ; M. /ongicornis, from the Byfleet Canal. Adicella reducta, McLach., has occurred commonly at Haslemere, also between Leith Hill and Wotton ; CEcetis /acusfris, Pict., is recorded from Burford Bridge ; (E. notata, from Weybridge ; OE. tes- tacea^ Curt., from Box Hill and Kew ; and Setodes tineiformis, Curt., from Weybridge and Kew. The Hydropsycbidte are represented by Hydropsyche pellucidula^ Curt., from Newark Abbey, abundant on the Thames ; H. instabilis, Curt., from Kew, Box Hill and Weybridge ; H. angustipennis, Curt., from Kew and Newark Abbey, abundant on the Thames ; H. exocet/afa, Dufour (ophthalmic -a , Ramb.), on the Thames ; Wormaldia subnigra, McLach., near Reigate and Dorking ; H. guttata, Pict., from Kew ; H. lepida, Hag., from Kingston-on-Thames and Kew ; Polycentropus flavomaculatus, Pict., from Kew and Burford Bridge ; P. multiguttatus^ Curt., from Haslemere ; Holocentropus dubius, Ramb., from Haslemere and Kew ; H. picicornis, Steph., from Kew and near Ockham ; Cyrnus trimaculatus, Curt., from Box Hill, Ripley and near Weybridge ; Ecnomus fene//us, Ramb., from Ripley ; Tinodes ivceneri, Kol., from the river Mole near Box Hill, the White Falls Leatherhead, the Hut Pond Wisley and the Thames ; T. assimt'/is, McLach., from Haslemere ; Lype phceopa^ Steph., from Chertsey, Weybridge, Ripley and the river Mole near Box Hill ; L. reducta, Hag., from Weybridge ; and Psychomyia pusilla, Fabr., in swarms by the side of the Thames. 83