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A HISTORY OF SURREY There are 5 acres of meadow. In the time of king Edward it was worth 10 pounds, afterwards the like ; now 7 pounds and 10 shillings. The men say that Geoffrey has this manor wrongfully, because it does not belong to Asgar's land. 1 What Geoffrey gave away in almoigne (per elemosinam) from this manor is worth 20 shillings. IN WALETON [WALLINGTON] HUNDRED Geoffrey himself holds AULTONE [Cars- halton]. 8 Five freemen (held it) of king Ed- ward, and they could 'take what lord they pleased (potuerunt ire quo volebant). Of these, one held 2 hides, and four 6 hides apiece. There were five manors. Now it is thrown into i manor. It was then assessed for 27 hides ; 3 now for 3^ hides. The land is for 10 ploughs. In demesne there is i ; and (there are) 9 villeins and 9 cottars with 5 ploughs. There is a church ; and 7 serfs ; and 1 2 acres of meadow. The men of the county and of the Hundred say that they have never seen the writ or the livery officer who on the King's behalf had given Geoffrey seisin of this manor. In the time of king Edward it was worth 20 pounds ; when he took seisin of (saisivit) it, IOO shillings; now IO pounds. Of these hides Wesman holds 6 hides of Geoffrey son of Count Eustace. 4 Geoffrey de Mandeville gave him (sc. Eustachii filio) this land with his daughter. In demesne there is I plough ; and (there are) 3 villeins and i cottar with 3 ploughs ; and a mill worth 35 shillings ; and 3 serfs ; and i o acres of meadow. Wood worth 2 hogs. The land is for 2 ploughs. In the time of king Edward it was worth 4. pounds, and afterwards 40 shillings, and now no shillings. Of the same hides, a certain smith of the King's has half a hide, which in the time of king Edward he received with his wife, but he has never done any service for it. 1 Geoffrey had evidently received a grant of Asgar's land, which did not include Clap- ham nor Wanborough (see below, and p. 284). Clapham was De Mandeville land later. 8 Carshalton, De Mandeville land later. 3 But only 26 are accounted for just before (J. H. R.). 4 Geoffrey, son of the Count of Boulogne, grandfather of Faramus of Boulogne, whose heiress, Sibyl, married Enguerrand de Fiennes. The De Fiennes family held land at Car- shalton temp. Henry III. (See for details Mr. Round's paper in Genealogist [N.S.], xii. 145- 151.) IN WOCHINGES [WOKING] HUNDRED Geoffrey himself holds WENEBERGE [Wan- borough]. 6 It is no part of Asgar's land. Suen and Lewin, 6 brothers, held it of king Edward. It was then assessed for 7 hides ; now for 3 hides. The land is for 7 ploughs. There were two manors ; now it is one. In demesne there is i plough ; and (there are) 12 villeins and 17 bordars with 8 ploughs. There is a church ; and 8 serfs ; and 6 acres of meadow. Wood worth 30 hogs. The whole in the time of king Edward was worth 7 pounds ; afterwards 100 shillings ; now 7 pounds. IN WOCHINGES [WOKING] HUNDRED XXVI. Geoffrey Orlatele holds BELGE- HAM 7 [Balham], without the King's gift and without warrant. Anschil held it of earl Harold. It was then assessed for 5 hides ; now for nothing. The land is for 2 ploughs. In demesne there is i ; and (there are) i vil- lein and i bordar with half a plough. There is I serf; and 8 acres of meadow. In the time of king Edward it was worth 6 pounds, afterwards 20 shillings ; now 40 shillings. THE LAND OF EDWARD 8 OF SALISBURY 9 IN AMELEBRIGE [EMLEYBRIDGE] HUNDRED XXVII. Edward of Salisbury (Sarisberien- 6 Under Henry II. Geoffrey de Mandeville confirmed by charter the sale of Wanborough by Faramus of Boulogne to Waverley Abbey. (Charter cited by Dugdale.) 6 Scarcely Sweyn and Leofwine sons of Godwine. The former was dead long before 1066, and the latter is always elsewhere called Comes. 7 Balham, probably. The entry is, in the original, written in the margin, against the De Mandeville lands. In 1103 a Nigel de Mandeville granted land in Belgeham to the Priory of Bermondsey, with consent of his wife ; and in a grant to the Abbey of Bee land in Belgeham is described as being part of the manor of Clapham. (I think that the above Nigel was Nigel de Mzmdevilla, living at the time, who married the heiress of William d'Arques of Folkestone. -y. H. R.) 8 Ancestor of the first earls of Salisbury. 9 Sarisber[iensis]. 324