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I N D E X.

Aboriginal Art, Iron Age in. (Frag.) 422
Adams, Mabel Ellery. "Deaf and Dumb" 109
Æsthetics in Engineering. (Frag.) 140
African Cannibals, A Woman among. (Frag.) 423
Agricultural Depression. (Frag.) 426
Aiglun, Vicomte D'. A Dog's Laugh* 89
Alcohol, The Physiology of.* C. F. Hodge 594
Alcohol, The Physiology of.* C. F. Hodge 796
Allen, Grant. Spencer and Darwin 815
Allen, Harrison, M. D. Two Scientific Worthies* 80
American Association, New Elected Officers of the. (Frag.) 135
""Notes from the. (Frag.) 134
Andes, At the Top of the. (Frag.) 859
Animal Life, Earliest. (Frag.) 716
""The Abundance of. A. Gaudry 42
Animate World, The, a Unity. A. Gaudry 531
Antarctic Regions, Our Present Knowledge of the.* A. Heilprin 323
Ants as the Guests of Plants. M. Heim 827
Aquariums, Public, in Europe.* B. Dean 13
Asiatic and African Explorations in 1896. (Frag.) 860
Athletics for Women, Tendencies in, in Colleges and Universities. S. F. Richardson 517
Automatism, The Interpretations of. W. R. Newbold 507

Baku. (Frag.) 572
Baldwin, J. Mark. Two Scientific Congresses 196
Barnes, Mary Sheldon. Some Primitive Californians* 486
Bees as Weapons of War. (Frag.) 857
Bhils, Burmese, and Battaks, Notes on.* R. W. Shufeldt 34
Bicycle, Evolution of the. (Frag.) 427
Bignon, Fanny. Natural History in the Primary Schools of France 250
Binet, Alfred. Plural States of Being 539
Biology, Psychology, and Sociology, The Relations of. H. Spencer 163
Blatchley, W. S. How Plants and Animals spend the Winter 496
Books Noticed 126
Books Noticed 272
Books Noticed 412
Books Noticed 557
Books Noticed 703
Books Noticed 846

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Journal, Vol. X, Part IV 852
American Climatological Association. Transactions for 1896 709
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Thirtieth Annual Report 127
Angling 707
Ayres, Alfred. The Verbalist 132
Bailey, L. H. The Nursery Book 565
—The Survival of the Unlike 708
Bardeen, C. W. Common School Law 279
Bedell, Frederick. The Principles of the Transformer 563
Bell, Alexander Melville. English Visible Speech in Twelve Lessons 564
Bendire, Charles. Life Histories of North American Birds 416
Berger, F. French Method 277
Binet, A. Alterations of Personality 849
Bolles, A. 8. Elements of Commercial Law 852
Bonney, T. G. Ice Work, Present and Past 128
Brinton, Daniel G. Myths of the New World 561
Britten, Nathaniel Lord, and Addison Brown. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada 414
Brögger, W. C., and N. Rolfsen. Fridtiof Nansen 847
Brown, Montague. Artistic and Scientific Taxidermy and Modeling 277
Cairns's Manual of Quantitative Chemical Analysis 853
Cambridge Natural History, Vol. II 710
Clarke, William H. Cheerful Philosophy for Thoughtful Invalids 565
Cochrane, Robert, editor. The Romance of Industry and Invention 564
Commissioner of Labor. Tenth Annual Report 562
Compayré, Gabriel. The Intellectual and Moral Development of the Child 414
Dana, Mrs. W. S. Plants and their Children 851
Dresser, Horatio W. The Perfect Whole 710
Du Bois, H. The Magnetic Circuit in Theory and Practice 853
Effects, The, of Erosion 564
Famham, A. W. The Oswego Method of Teaching Geography 279
Fischer, P. D. Betrachtungen eines in Deutschland reisenden Deutschen 277
Francke, Kuno. Social Forces in German Literature 415
Frye, A. E. The Home and School Atlas 279
Gattermann, Ludwig. Practical Methods of Organic Chemistry 418
Gerdtzen, G. A. The Problem of Economical Heat, Light, and Power Supply 132
Gerhard, William Paul. Theater Fires and Panics 558
Goode, George Brown, and Tarleton H. Bean. Oceanic Ichthyology 562
Gordon, George B., and others. Prehistoric Ruins of Copan. Honduras 563
Hamilton, A. Report on the Coinage 710
Halleck, Reuben P. Psychology and Psychic Culture 275
Halleck, Reuben P. The Education of the Central Nervous System 850
Harley, Lewis R. Three Typical Educational Systems 563
Haskell, Ellen M. Child Observations 417
Heilprin, Angelo. The Earth and its Story 561
Herbart's A B C of Sense-Perception 273
Hertwig, Oscar. The Biological Problem of To-day 561
Hertwig, R. General Principles of Zoölogy 709
Hertz, Heinrich. Miscellaneous Papers 131
Hinsdale, B. A. Teaching the Language-Arts 129
Hirsch, William. Genius and Degeneration 557
Hogan, Louise E. How to Feed Children 415
Holden, E. S. Mountain Observatories in America and Europe 851
Howell, W. H., and others. American Text-book of Physiology 850
Hunting 707
Hypnotic Magazine, The 564
Illinois State Entomologist, Nineteenth Annual Report 130
Indiana Academy of Sciences, Proceedings 418
Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources. Twentieth Annual Report 131
Iowa Geological Survey. Report. Vol. V 132
Jackman, W. S. Nature Study 416
Johonnot, James. Principles and Practice of Teaching 709
Jordan, David Starr. The Care and Culture of Men 276
—and B. W. Evermann. Fishes of North and Middle America 852
Journal of Physical Chemistry 853
Kansas Academy of Science. Transactions, 1893-'94 562
Lassar-Cohn. Chemistry in Daily Life 560
Lecky, William E. H. Democracy and Liberty 274
Leidy, Joseph. Fossil Vertebrates from the Alachua Clays of Florida 133
Lewis, H. E. Philosophy of Sex 853
Lubbock, John. The Scenery of Switzerland 273
Martin, Edward A. The Story of a Piece of Coal 276
Martin, H. Newell. The Human Body 708
Mathews, F. Schuyler. Familiar Trees and their Leaves 272
Matthews, William. Nugæ Litterariæ 709
May, E. S. Guns and Cavalry 278
McMaster, John Bach. With the Fathers 277
McPherson, Logan G. The Monetary and Banking Problem 418
Meyers, William J. An Inductive Manual of the Straight Line and the Circle 416
Michigan State Board of Agriculture. Thirty-fourth Annual Report 709
Minnesota Chief Fire Warden's First Annual Report 132
Missouri Botanical Garden. Report for 1895 131
Mohr, Charles. Timber Pines of the Southern United States 851
Munro, John. The Story of Electricity 413
New Jersey State Geologist. Annual Report for 1894-'95 131
Nichols, Edward L., and William S. Franklin. Elements of Physics 709
Orford, Henry. Modern Optical Instruments 562
Packard, A. S. Bombycine Moths of America 852
Paine, Thomas. The Age of Reason 130
—Writings, Vol. IV 711
Parry, C. Hubert. Evolution of the Art of Music 559
Pierce, E. Dana. Problems In Elementary Physics 708
Public Libraries 277
Putnam, George Haven. The Question of Copyright 133
Questions and Answers in Drawing 277
Rayleigh, Lord, and William Ramsay. Argon 563
Richardson, Sir Benjamin Ward. Biological Experimentation 126
Ross, George W. The School System of Ontario 278
Russell, Ernest E. The Reason Why 419
Special Method in Natural Science 562
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Sociology, Vol. Ill 703
Surface Currents of the Great Lakes 710
Taber, C. A. M. The Coming Ice Age 562
Taylor, H. O. Ancient Ideals 846
Tilden, J. H. Cursed before Birth 563
Thorpe, T. E. Humphry Davy, Poet and Philosopher 413
Toronto Humane Society, Work accomplished by the, during 1887-'91 127
Trowbridge, John. What is Electricity? 412
Tuttle, Herbert B. Oxides 131
Uncle Sam's Letters on Phrenology 563
United States Bureau of Ethnology. Thirteenth Annual Report 130
—Commissioner of Education. Report for 1893-'94 710
—Department of Agriculture. Year-book for 1895 130
—Department of Labor. Bulletin, Nos. 4 and 5 133
—Fish Commission. Bulletin, Vol. XV 132
—Geological Survey. Fifteenth Annual Report 278
——Sixteenth Report 416
—Life-saving Service. Report for 1894-'95 565
Wells, David A., and others. America and Europe 278
White, Andrew D. Fiat Money Inflation in France 418
White, Emerson E. School Algebra 564
Wise, P. M. A Text-book for Training Schools for Nurses 560
Witchell, Charles A. The Evolution of Bird-Song 129
Woglom, G. T. Parakites 850
Youmans, W. J., editor. Pioneers of Science in America 852

Botanic Gardens. D. T. Macdougal 172
Botanic Gardens. D. T. Macdougal 312
Botanical Study, Progress in. (Frag.) 861
Botany, Morphological Significance of. (Frag.) 424
British Association, President's Address at the. (Frag.) 135
""Sectional Addresses in the. (Frag.) 135
Brush, Edward F., M. D. Condemnation of Criminals not Punishment 534

California "Diggers," The So-called.* M. L. Miller 201
Californians, Some Primitive.* M. S. Barnes 486
Cambodian Lesson in Anatomy. (Frag.) 137
Caviare in Russia. (Frag.) 571
Ceremony, Mescal. (Frag.) 140
Chemistry, Physical, Work of. (Frag.) 423
Chinese Cheap Money. (Frag.) 716
"Medicine. (Frag.) 283
Cliff-Dweller's Sandal, The.* O. T. Mason 676
Coldest Country, Life in the. (Frag.) 573
Color, The Popular Æsthetics of. J. Jastrow 361
Consumption and Consumptives. W. L. Russell 336
Courtney, Leonard. Individualism versus Collectivism 215
Crater of Mount Shasta, On the. A. S. Packard 28
Criminals, Condemnation of, not Punishment. E. F. Brush 534
Critic Criticised, A. (Table) 702
Crofton, A. F. B. The Language of Crime 831
Cycling, Fascination of. (Frag.) 282

Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory. (Frag.) 712
"Deaf and Dumb." M. E. Adams 109
"""Oral Schools for the. (Frag.) 714
Dean, Bashford. Public Aquariums in Europe* 13
Decoration, Artistic. (Frag.) 857
Dehérain, P. P. Science in Wheat-Growing 101
Delboeuf, J. Affections and Jealousies of Lizards 395
Dog's Laugh, A.* Vicomte d'Aiglun 89
Donald, J. T. A Curious Canadian Iron Mine 385
Dooley, Clarke. India Rubber and Gutta-percha 679

Education and Industrial Prosperity. (Frag.) 420
"Mental Overstrain in. (Frag.) 280
Educational Machine, The State, Aid for. (Table) 699
Elective Courses, Advantage of. (Frag.) 568
Elephant, Humorous. (Frag.) 139
Ethnological Storehouse. (Frag.) 428
Evolution, A Theological View of. (Table) 267

Fads, Fading. (Table) 124
Fire-proof Covering, Cement as a. (Frag.) 283
Fishes, Venomous. (Frag.) 571
Flower Models, The Blaschka, of the Harvard Museum. M. E. Hale 663
Forests and River Flow. (Frag.) 569
Frieze, Ideal of a. (Frag.) 859
Fruits, Drifting. (Frag.) 423

Gaudry, Albert. The Abundance of Animal Life 42
""The Animate World a Unity 531
Genius, The Psychology of. W. Hirsch 389
Geological Myths. (Frag.) 715
"Time, Necessities of. (Frag.) 856
Goode, George Brown, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 400
Grass Garden of the Department of Agriculture. (Frag.) 714
Gundlach, John Christopher, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) J. Vilaró 691
Gunning, W. D., The Scientific Work of. (With Portrait.) W. H. Larrabee 526
Gunpowder, First Uses of. (Frag.) 570

Hale, Horatio. Indian Wampum Records 481
Hale, Marcia E. The Blaschka Flower Models of the Harvard Museum 663
Heilprin, Angelo. Our Present Knowledge of the Antarctic Regions* 323
Heira, M. Ants as the Guests of Plants 827
Hereditary Crime. (Frag.) 285
Hering, D. W. A Year of the X Rays* 654
Himalayan Tea Porters. (Frag.) 861
Hirsch, William. The Psychology of Genius 389
Hodge, C. F. The Physiology of Alcohol 594
Hodge, C. F. The Physiology of Alcohol 796
Hoffman, Walter James, M. D., Popular Superstitions 92
Hornbooks. (Frag.) 425
Horseless Vehicles, Value of. (Frag.) 422
Hudson, William Henry. Herbert Spencer: the Man and his Work 433
""The Moral Standard 1

Idiots Savants. F. Peterson 232
"Illiteracy, Growing." (Table) 409
Indian Wampum Records. H. Hale 481
Indians of the Paraguay River. (Frag.) 138
India Rubber and Gutta-percha. C. Dooley 679
""Famine. (Frag.) 141
Individualism versus Collectivism. L. Courtney 215
Industrial Life, Modern, Reversions in, F, Smith 781
Insect Enemies of the Grape, (Frag.) 428
"Instinct, Evolution of. C. Perton 105
Iron Mine, A Curious Canadian. J, T. Donald 385
Irrigation, Experiment in. (Frag.) 424

Jaccard, A. Petroleum, Asphalt, and Bitumen 380
Jack Rabbits. (Frag.) 717
Janssen, Jules. Life on the Planets 812
Jastrow, Joseph. The Popular Æsthetics of Color 361
Joke, An almost too Successful. (Table) 123
Jordan, David Starr. The Moral of the "Sympsychograph." (Corr.) 265
"""The Stability of Truth 642
"""The Stability of Truth 749

Labor Laws, Time, Constitutionality of. (Frag.) 138
"Legislation, Effects of. (Frag.) 281
Labor's Share of Profit, (Frag.) 858
Language, The, of Crime. A. F. B. Crofton 831
Larrabee, W. H. The Scientific Work of W. D. Gunning. (With Portrait) 526
Lawn, Care of the. (Frag.) 568
Leffingwell, Albert. Shall Vivisection be Restricted? (Corr.) 265
Leighton, Margaret Wentworth. Shells* 46
"""Spiders and their Ways* 373
Leonard, Mary Hall. "Confessions" of a Normal-School Teacher 620
Libraries, Free, The Abuse of. (Table) 125
Lizards, Affections and Jealousies of. J. Delboeuf 395
Lobster's Motions, (Frag.) 717

Macdougal, D. T. Botanic Gardens* 172
Macdougal, D. T. Botanic Gardens* 312
Malarial Parasite, The, and other Pathogenic Protozoa.* G. M. Sternberg 628
Malthusianism, Interpretations of. (Corr.) A. F. Palmer 266
Man, American, in the Ice Age. (Frag.) 566
Mason, Otis T. Native American Pottery. (Corr.) 267
""The Cliff-Dweller's Sandal 676
Meteorology and Sacrilege. (Frag.) 137
Miller, Mabel L. The So-called California "Diggers"* 201
Mitchell, Maria, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 544
Mongoose, The Plague of the. (Frag.) 281
Moral Standard, The. W. H. Hudson 1
Motor Activities, The Employment of the, in Teaching. E. R. Shaw 56
Mushrooms, French. (Misc.) 570

Natural History in the Primary Schools of France. F. Bignon 250
Nature Study in the Chicago Schools. (Frag.) 567
Newbold, William Romaine. Double Personality 67
"""Possession and Mediumship 220
"""The Interpretations of Automatism 507
Newspaper and Periodical Industry. (Frag.) 285
New Zealand Alps. (Frag.) 856
Noble, C. W. The Borderland of Trampdom 252
Normal-School Teacher, "Confessions" of a. M. H. Leonard 620

Obituary Notes. George Brown Goode, Hubert A. Newton, J. L. Delboeuf, Otto Lilienthal 144
Josiah Dwight Whitney, William Crawford Winlock, H. Newell Martin 288
Luigi Palmieri, Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau, Felix Tisserand, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Ferdinand von Müller 430
Emil Du Bois-Reymond, Horatio Hale, Henry Tremen, August Trécul, John Gregory Bourke, Hugo Gylden 576
W. F. Ainsworth 718
Orthodoxy, Anxious. (Table) 407

Packard, A. S. On the Crater of Mount Shasta 28
Palmer, Arthur F. Interpretations of Malthusianism. (Corr.) 266
Personality, Double. W. R. Newbold 67
Perry, Stephen J., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 835
Perton, Charles. Evolution of Insect Instinct 105
Peterson, Frederick, M. D. Idiots Savants 232
Petroleum, Asphalt, and Bitumen. A. Jaccard 380
Philosophy, the Synthetic, Completion of. (Table) 271
Pigeon, the Carrier, Evolution of the. G. Renaud 369
Planets, Life on the. J. Janssen 812
Plants, Circulation in. (Frag.) 715
Plural States of Being. A. Binet 539
Politics and Morals. (Table) 552
Possession and Mediumship. W. R. Newbold 220
Pottery, Native American. (Corr.) O. T. Mason 267
Prospective Railway Routes in Africa. (Frag.) 421

Quarantine, Disinfection at.* M. E. Ward 344

Race Psychology. (Corr.) A. T. Smith 698
""A Study in. A. T. Smith 354
Racial Geography, The, of Europe.* W. Z. Ripley 454
Racial Geography, The, of Europe.* W. Z. Ripley 577
Racial Geography, The, of Europe.* W. Z. Ripley 757
"""(Table) 554
Rainfall and Forms of Leaves. (Frag.) 136
Redfleld, William C, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 114
Reformatory Prisoners, Characteristics of. (Frag.) 713
Renaud, G. Evolution of the Carrier Pigeon 369
Research, "Useless," Value of. (Frag.) 425
Revenues, How can the Federal Government best raise its? D. A. Wells 721
Reymond, Prof. Du Bois-, Library of. (Frag.) 855
Richardson, Sophia Foster. Tendencies in Athletics for Women in Colleges and Universities 517
Ripley, William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 454
Ripley, William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 757
Ripley, William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 757
Rogers, Henry Darwin, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 258
Russell, Israel C. Igneous Intrusions and Volcanoes 240
Russell, William L., M. D. Consumption and Consumptives 336

Safeguards of National Prosperity. (Table) 841
St. Lawrence Drainage System. (Frag.) 860
Sawdust, Uses of. (Frag.) 570
Science and Humanity. (Table) 556
"A National Department of. (Table) 843
"International. (Table) 269
"Teaching in Secondary Schools. (Frag.) 284
Scientific Congresses, Two. J. M. Baldwin 196
"Worthies, Two.* H. Allen 80
Seeds, Long-lived. (Frag.) 569
Shells.* M. W. Leighton 46
Shaw, Edward R, The Employment of the Motor Activities in Teaching 56
Shufeldt, R. W. Notes on Bhils, Burmese, and Battaks* 34
Sioux, Tree Emblem of the. (Frag.) 136
Slavic Deity and St. Elias. (Frag.) 859
Smith, Anna Tolman. A Study in Race Psychology 354
"""Race Psychology. (Corr.) 698
"Franklin. An Object Lesson in Social Reform 305
""Reversions in Modern Industrial Life 781
Smoke Nuisance. (Frag.) 716
Social Reform, An Object Lesson in. F. Smith 305
Spencer, Herbert. The Relations of Biology, Psychology, and Sociology 163
Spencer, Herbert: the Man and his Work. W. H. Hudson 433
Spencer and Darwin. G. Allen 815
Spiders and their Ways.* M. W. Leighton 373
Spitzbergen, Exploration of. (Frag.) 426
"Explored. (Frag.) 567
Stability of Truth, The. D. S. Jordan 642
Stability of Truth, The. D. S. Jordan 749
Sternberg, George M., M. D. The Malarial Parasites and other Pathogenic Protozoa* 628
Superstitions, Popular. W. J. Hoffman 92
Surgery, Aseptic, Evolution of. (Frag.) 421
Symbolism, Animal, in Ecclesiastical Architecture. A. D, White 187
"Sympsychograph," (Frag.) 282
"The Moral of the. (Corr.) D. S. Jordan 265

Talisman. (Frag.) 284
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 145
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 289
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 468
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 603
Tides of the Bay of Fundy. (Frag.) 855
Trampdom, The Borderland of. C. W. Noble 252

Vilaró, Juan. Sketch of John Christopher Gundlach. (With Portrait) 691
Vivisection, Shall it be Restricted? (Corr.) A. Leffingwell 265
Volcanoes, Igneous Intrusions and. J. C. Russell 240

Ward, M. E. Disinfection at Quarantine* 344
Wells, David A, How can the Federal Government best raise its Revenues? 721
""Principles of Taxation 145
""Principles of Taxation 289
""Principles of Taxation 468
""Principles of Taxation 603
Wells, Mr., on Methods of National Taxation. (Table) 845
Wheat-Growing, Science in. P. P. Dehérain 101
White, Andrew Dickson. Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture 187
Winter, How Plants and Animals spend the. W. S. Blatchley 496
Wire-Glass. (Frag.) 137
"Woman, The New," and the Problems of the Day. (Table) 120
Women in Business. (Frag.) 718
Women's Art, American. (Frag.) 427
Wood Engraving, Future of. (Frag.) 139
Writing, Antiquity of. (Frag.) 860

X Rays, A Year of the.* D. W. Hering 654

Young, Prof., Congratulations to. (Frag.) 858