Popular Science Monthly/Volume 55

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Table of Contents
May 1899
Alaska and the Klondike: In by the White Pass and Out by the Chilkoot I 1
The Origin of European Culture 16
Liquid Air 35
The Physical Geography of the West Indies: Birds II 47
Insane Characters in Fiction and the Drama 53
Colonial Expansion and Foreign Trade 62
The Interpretation of Nature 72
From Serfdom to Freedom 84
The Bering Sea Controversy Once More 99
Causes and Prevention of Insanity 102
Sketch of William Pengelly 113
Editor's Table 122
Scientific Literature 126
General Notices 128
Publications Received 135
Fragments of Science 136
Minor Paragraphs 142
Notes 143
June 1899
New Method of Estimating the Age of Niagara Falls 145
Abuse of Public Charity 155
Alaska and the Klondike: San Francisco of the North II 163
The Negro Question 177
The Philippine Islands and American Capital 186
The Physical Geography of the West Indies: Reptiles and Fishes III 193
A Study of Luigi Luccheni (Assassin of the Empress of Austria) 199
Tendencies in French Literature 207
The Botany of Shakespeare 219
American Industrial Expositions - their Purposes and Benefits 231
Bookworms in Fact and Fancy 250
Hydrophobia in Baja California 249
The Sense of Color 253
Sketch of Thomas Egleston 256
Editor's Table 266
Scientific Literature 270
General Notices 273
Publications Received 278
Fragments of Science 279
Minor Paragraphs 286
Notes 287
July 1899
Scientific Method and its Application to the Bible 289
Geology of the Klondike Gold Fields 300
The Race Problem in the United States 317
The Antiquity of Man in North America 326
The Use of Acetylene 335
Thoughts About Universities 348
In the Little Brook 355
White Whales in Confinement 362
Unusual Forms in Plants 371
Malay Literature 379
The Colors of Flowers 386
Folklore of the Alleghanies 390
Origin of Ancient Hindu Astronomy 396
Sketch of William Keith Brooks 400
Editor's Table 410
Scientific Literature 415
General Notices 418
Publications Received 423
Fragments of Science 424
Minor Paragraphs 430
Notes 431
August 1899
Public Charity and Private Vigilance 433
Recent Legislation Against the Drink Evil I 438
Teachers' School of Science I 451
Proper Objects of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 466
Race Questions in the Philippine Islands 472
Do Animals Reason? 480
The United States National Museum 491
Are Jews Jews? 502
Some Practical Phases of Mental Fatigue 521
Best Methods of Taxation: Part II 524
Phases of Practical Philanthropy 534
Herbert Spencer at Seventy-Nine 542
Editor's Table 553
Scientific Literature 557
General Notices 559
Publications Received 564
Fragments of Science 565
Minor Paragraphs 574
Notes 575
September 1899
Are We in Danger from the Plague? 577
Tuskegee Institute and its President 592
Recent Legislation Against the Drink Evil II 610
Hawk Lures 623
The Milk Supply of Cities 627
Teachers' School of Science II 640
Influence of the Weather Upon Crime 653
The Survival of African Music in America 660
Remedies for the Depopulation of France 672
West Indian Poisonous Fishes 680
The Colors of Northern Flowers 685
Sketch of Oscar Schmidt 693
Correspondence 701
Editor's Table 703
Scientific Literature 705
General Notices 708
Publications Received 712
Fragments of Science 713
Minor Paragraphs 718
Notes 719
October 1899
The Help That Harms 721
The Hopi Indians of Arizona 732
Reform of Public Charity 750
Christian Science from a Physician's Point of View 755
The Wheat Lands of Canada 766
Best Methods of Taxation: Part III 778
Bacon's Idols: A Commentary 788
Mathematics for Children 800
Present Position of Sociology 811
A Feathered Parasite 822
The Columbus Meeting of the American Association 828
Sketch of Dr. William Pepper 836
Correspondence 843
Editor's Table 847
Scientific Literature 851
General Notices 853
Publications Received 856
Fragments of Science 857
Minor Paragraphs 863
Notes 864
Index 865