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Portal Bahá'í Faith
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Class B: Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
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Classifier AdamBMorgan

Page move[edit]

Hello, I am proposing a page move to either Wikisource:Bahá'í Faith or Wikisource:Bahá'í. The primary reason for this proposal is that the term 'Baha'ism' is neither a common nor accurate way to describe the religion known as the Bahá'í Faith.

background here: Wikisource:Requests_for_assistance#Move_article

Supports a move to Wikisource:Bahá'í

Supports a move to Wikisource:Bahá'í Faith

  • T0lk 02:37, 24 March 2008 (UTC) - As the initiator of this proposal can I also vote? Anyway.

Does not support a page move

  • Slight preference for not usinig "faith" in this or similat page names--BirgitteSB 20:12, 26 March 2008 (UTC)