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Information about this edition
Edition: 1999 reprint from the 1911 First Edition
Source: Christian Classics Ethereal Library

DJVU Index: Index:Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature (1911).djvu

Contributor(s): Quadell and his trusty sidekick Polbot
Level of progress: 75%.svg75%: complete, proofread by one user, and standard.
Needs match and split.
Notes: Imported using the ThML (Theological Markup Language) version
Proofreaders: User:Quadell


  • {{DCBL}} Header template.
  • {{DCBL link}} Links from outside this project to an article:
Abgar,” in A Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature, 1911

Structure change[edit]

I'm in the process of changing the structure of this work to the following:

Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/$Article Name$

This is the "Standard" format for dictionary-type works (e.g. EB1911), and facilitates easier navigation and usage of standardised templates (e.g. {{DCBL link}}).

This will be performed in the following stages:

  • Move the articles to the new location, soft redirect old articles to avoid hundreds of sub-page redirects.Yes check.svg Done
  • Move alphabetical index pages to ../A, etc and use all relative linking Yes check.svg Done
  • Update article headers to point to new pages Yes check.svg Done and changed to used {{DCBL}} type headers
  • Check for any links to the old pages and fix Yes check.svg Done

The first and second stages are in progress, the second two will be done once the new pages are all in place. Inductiveloadtalk/contribs 02:21, 26 November 2010 (UTC)