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This is an index of archives; for recent discussion, see Talk:Main Page. Please do not post new comments on these pages; if you wish to revive a discussion, either move it back to the main page or link to it. Dates correspond to when the discussions were archived. Archiving may have been irregular with some months absent altogether.

For help archiving pages, see m:standard archival system.



Early general discussion took place on the talk pages of the Main Page (talk) and Main Page:English (talk) at the original Wikisource. In September 2005, a warning was placed on Talk:Main Page that it was only for discussion of the Main Page, and all general discussion was moved to Wikisource:Scriptorium.

  • 2003
    • September (ps.wikisource)— Discussions: Wikisource is up | Pi | Scope | Name and subdomain.
  • 2003-2005
    • April (multilingual Wikisource)— Discussions: Picture | Early discussions | Village pump | Sysops | Parenting Subpages To Projects? | Links to sister projects | Problem | Language Co-ordination | Language domains | Texts layout | "Main Page" or "Zaglavnaya Stranitsa"? | redirect to correct language | Log in problem | Changes to the main page | New languages: KU and TR | Main page | Fy | BM / Bambara | commons | Romanian text | Indonesian text | Nahuatl portal | Quehcua portal.
    • August (multilingual Wikisource)— Discussions: Name of the project | Aim of the project | Languages | Everything moved from ps. | Links ? | Domain names | Speeches | Multi language front page | Category | Page Titles | Poetry | Classical Texts | Top level category for treaties etc. | Link to Wikipedia Main Page | Please Note Translations | User names | Moved from my talk page (1 subtopic) | New format | Consensus format of oldwikisource:Main Page:English | Updating | Licenses | Primary Categories Section | Mathematical Vs. Numerical | Public Patents? | Changes to layout | External linking ? | Logo suggestion | Index should be given top priority | Original works | Papal encyclicals | Legendary sagas | World Wide School | Moving "Community" section to the "Community portal" page? | Translations of Opera Libretti | 25,000 | Other languages logo.
    • September (obsoleted in project move)— Discussion deleted in project move: Problem with movement of main page| Important history. Discussion on obsoleted English main page: Number of articles | broken links | Problem with movement of main page | Important history | Number of articles | broken links. From Talk:Main Page/New: wikisource.png | Most of this page is in French | Some problems with code | Index of Titles A-Z | New Spanish Main Page | Math and source code. From Talk:Main Page:Interlingua.


  • 2006
    • MarchDiscussions: Main Page moved here; New Main Page | Wikisource currently has -1 pages. | Copyright problems | Is some of Wikisource superfluous since we already have Project Gutenberg? | Main Page Protected | column justification | Main Page Redesign? | Another thought | no offense but | New Logo contest on International WS.
    • JuneDiscussions: Would expect source code on wiki source | Create a New Source Box | CLARIFICATION | apparently wikipedia is about free content knowleGDe.. | Simplify "How Wikisource Works" section | Fiction Should Have a new section for children's fiction | Again with the "Recent Texts" | New logo | New text The Pilgrim's Progress | monobook.js hack to remove h1 header | New Text of Anne Bradstreet | By language? | Adding interwiki to the Czech language version of Wikisource.


  • 2008 Archival | Featured text | Text around Spitzweg image |Other Wikisources| Problems | Heading overlap problem fixed | Wikiversity | collected = collective | Comprehension Of The Content. | Wikiversity logo and link fix | ? |About other languages links| Slight restructure? | Hey | reword "ask questions" | Locking of the Template:New texts |Redundant redundancy| New York Times |Title| Interwiki links | What's up with the logo? |Top template| Armenian wikisource | Christmas decorations | Category | Nice design | Not easy to fast get what I want | New look for the main page | A bit more on subject of COTW | Font size |Floating boxes| Icons for the main page | Removed community news link | Tiny code changes | Page layout today



  • 2010None