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Information about this edition
Edition: 1931, third edition of The King's English by Henry Watson Fowler (1858-1933) and Francis George Fowler (1871-1918); at Google books
Contributor(s): Sanjay Tiwari
Level of progress: Text is highly incomplete 25%.svg
  • No hyperlink to a source available, only to another edition
  • Estimated degree of completeness of text: 10%.
  • Last substantive contribution: 18 October 2006
Notes: Other editions:

This text is based on the 1931 third edition of The King's English by Henry Watson Fowler (1858-1933) and Francis George Fowler (1871-1918), and published by Oxford University Press (Oxford at the Clarendon Press). Both authors passed over 70 years go.unsigned comment by Sanjay Tiwari (talk) .

Which is more important?[edit]

A complete copy of the general rules of usage contained in Fowler's or the latest available version? Google seems to think that the third version is up-to-date enough to charge money for it. Any old version of The King's English will be dated unless it was published within the last ten years. I vote that we focus on the second edition rather than the third. I own a copy of the second edition and there are at least two separate second editions online. Brothernight (talk) 18:50, 28 October 2011 (UTC)

How different are these editions? If there are significant differences then we would want to host both eventually. If the differences are minor, then the most complete is preferable. I also note that the 3rd Edition is still in copyright in the US and therefore we can't host it. This is why the Internet Archive only has copies of the 2nd Edition. However, there are a range of dates on the 2nd Edition copies on IA (1906, 1908, 1919, 1922) using this search. Which one should be up-loaded? I'm happy to do this, but need to know which one to work on. Beeswaxcandle (talk) 20:33, 28 October 2011 (UTC)