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Notes on scan indices[edit]

Cheers for those who created these. I did some work on Vol. 6 and a little in Vols. 1 and 2 and noticed a couple of things that may help others.

  • Blank pages are numbered, but the translucent page before the artwork is not. The numbering indicates the page with the title and the author, the pattern is typically page (1), blank reverse (2), flyleaf (-), flyleaf reverse (-), art (3), blank reverse (4), …
  • The ocr omits apostrophes (producing _s_ and _t_ and so on), em dashes and line breaking hyphens, but not word-joining hyphens (even at the end of a line).
  • The leaves numbered 116/117 and 254/255 in Index:The Yellow Book - 02.djvu are missing.
  • Some artist's have multiple works in one section. In volume 6 I created redirects from the titles in the TOC to the title used in the page headers, eg., The Yellow Book/Volume 6/A Study redirects to The Yellow Book/Volume 6/Two Pictures by William Strang#331.

CYGNIS INSIGNIS 04:00, 2 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]