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Get a list of authors of an edition or a work.


  • For the current page: {{author-list}}
  • For a specific page: {{author-list|page=Author:Given Name Surname}}
  • If you have a Wikidata ID: {{author-list|wikidata=Q123456}}

If used on a subpage or with a subpage as the page parameter, and the subpage doesn't have a Wikidata item, then the top-level page will be used instead.

Description Wikitext Output
Single author {{author-list|page=Persuasion}}
Single author, Wikidata ID of work {{author-list|wikidata=Q28913867}}
Organisation as an author {{author-list|page=Base Facilities Report}}
With a translator {{author-list|page=Spell of the Vila}}
No author {{author-list|page=United Nations Security Council Resolution 1833}}
Usage on a subpage {{author-list|page=The Nether World/Volume 2/Chapter 4}}

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