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Use this template to mark items which fro which the OTRS ticket has been found, but cannot yet be confirmed for some reason. Once the issue has been resolved, change this template to {{PermissionOTRS}}. If no ticket has yet been found, you should be using {{OTRS pending}}.


If the ticket ID Or link is given, the page is categorised into Category:OTRS received.

However, if no ticket ID or link is given, it will categorise into Category:Items missing OTRS ticket ID.


  • id: the ticket ID number, or
  • ticket: a full URL to the ticket.


{{OTRS received|id=00000000}}

See also[edit]

  • Commons:OTRS where you can find general information on email writing and sending, as well as general information about the OTRS system.
  • {{OTRS received}}, for use when a ticket is received, but not confirmed due to a problem. Further correspondence may be required. Changed to {{OTRS pending}} or {{PermissionOTRS}} upon resolution of the problem.
  • {{OTRS pending}}, for use when the ticket is in order, but still in the queue. Changed to {{PermissionOTRS}} when confirmed.
  • {{PermissionOTRS}}, when the ticket is received and confirmed.
  • {{OTRS ticket}}, for easy linking to OTRS ticket numbers.