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{{process header
 | title    =
 | section  =
 | previous =
 | next     =
 | shortcut =
 | notes    =

This template is meant to be used at the top of a page in the Wikisource namespace. Fill in any relevant information, and leave unknown or inapplicable parameters empty. Don't remove unused parameters, as these help editors use the template elsewhere.

Relative links

On pages works with many subpages, using relative links is highly recommended. This shortens the code and ensures that pages remain linked together even if the overall system is moved or reorganised. The three formats are [[/subpage]] (subpage), [[../]] (parent), and [[../sibling]] (sibling); see the example usage below. Note that [[../]] will expand to the title of the parent page, which is ideal if the page is renamed at a later time.

This depends on a page conforming to the page title standards in the Style guide, with works in the form [[Work title]] and [[Work title/Subpage]].

Usage examples

{{process header
 | title    = Possible copyright violations
 | section  =
 | previous =
 | next     = [[/Archives|Discussion archives]]→
 | shortcut = [[WS:COPYVIO]]
 | notes    = Description and categories.
Possible copyright violations
Description and categories.

See also

Proposal to modify

I would like to propose that

  • there is a <br /> put in between the TITLE and SECTION fields
  • there are ← and → added to the respective previous and next fields

-- billinghurst (talk) 12:32, 1 November 2009 (UTC)