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1565221The Atlantic Monthly — Volume 15




Literature, Art, and Politics.




135 Washington Street.



Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1865, by
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

University Press:
Electrotyped, by Welch, Bigelow, & Co.,

 (not listed in original)


American Metropolis, The Fitz-Hugh Ludlow 73
Andersonville, At 285
Anno Domini Gail Hamilton 116
Authors, Memories of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall 97, 213, 330, 477
Battle-Laureate, Our Oliver Wendell Holmes 589
Birds, With the John Burroughs 513
Chimney-Corner, The Mrs. H. B. Stowe 109, 221, 353, 490, 603, 732
Cobden, Richard M. C. Conway 724
Cruikshank, George, in Mexico 54
Dely's Cow Rose Terry 665
Doctor Johns Donald G. Mitchell 41, 296, 449, 591, 681
Dolliver Romance, Another Scene from the Nathaniel Hawthorne 1
England, A Letter about John Weiss 641
Europe and Asia, Between Bayard Taylor 8
Everett, Edward E. E. Hale 342
Fair Play the Best Policy T. W. Higginson 623
Five-Sisters Court at Christmas-Tide 22
Foreign Enmity to the United States, Causes of E. P. Whipple 372
Great Lakes, The Samuel C. Clarke 693
Grit E. P. Whiffle 407
Hofwyl, My Student-Life at Robert Dale Owen 550
Ice and Esquimaux D. A. Wasson 39, 201, 437, 564
"If Massa put Guns into our Han's" Fitz-Hugh Ludlow 504
John Brown's Raid John G. Rosengarten 711
Lecture, The Popular J. G. Holland 362
Lincoln, Abraham, The Place of, in History George Bancroft 757
Lone Woman, Adventures of a Jane G. Austin 385
Mining, Ancient, on the Shores of Lake Superior Albert D. Hagar 308
Modern Improvements and our National Debt E. B. Bigelow 729
Needle and Garden 88, 163, 316, 464, 613, 673
Officer's Journal, Leaves from T. W. Higginson 65
Out of the Sea Author of "Life in the Iron-Mills" 533
Painter, Our First Great, and his Works Sarah Clarke 129
Pettibone Lineage, The 419
Pianist, Notes of a Louis M. Gottschalk 177, 350, 573
Pleiades of Connecticut, The F. Sheldon 187
Prose Henriade, A Gail Hamilton 653
Regnard F. Sheldon 700
Revolution, Diplomacy of the Prof. George W. Greene 576
Richmond, Late Scenes in C. C. Coffin 744
St. Mary's, Up the T. W. Higginson 422
Sanitary, A Fortnight with the G. Reynolds 233
Schumann's Quintette in E Flat Major Anne M. Brewster 718
Taney, Roger Brooke Charles M. Ellis 151
Year, The Story of a Henry James, Jr. 257
Autumn Walk, My W. C. Bryant 20
Carolina Coronado, To 698
Castles T. B. Aldrich 622
Down! Henry H. Brownell 756
First Citizen, Our Oliver Wendell Holmes 462
Frozen Harbor, The J. T. Trowbridge 281
Garnaut Hall T. B. Aldrich 182
God Save the Flag O. W. Holmes 115
Going to Sleep Elizabeth A. C. Akers 680
Gold Egg.—A Dream Fantasy James Russell Lowell 528
Grave by the Lake, The John G. Whittier 561
Harpocrates Bayard Taylor 662
Hour of Victory, The 371
Jaguar Hunt, The J. T. Trowbridge 742
Kallundborg Church John G. Whittier 51
Mantle of St. John de Matha, The John G. Whittier 162
Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Editor of the Atlantic Monthly James Russell Lowell 501
Oldest Friend, Our O. W. Holmes 340
Old House, The Alice Cary 213
Poet, To a, on his Birthday, 315
Pro Patria Epes Sargent 232
Robin Badfellow T. B. Aldrich 437
Seventy-Six, On Board the James Russell Lowell 107
Spaniards' Graves at the Isles of Shoals, The 406
Wind over the Chimney, The Henry W. Longfellow 7
Harriet Hosmer's Zenobia Fitz-Hugh Ludlow 248
Reviews and Literary Notices.
Beecher's Autobiography 631
Bushnell's Christ and His Salvation 377
Chamberlain's Autobiography of a New England Farm-House 255
Child's Looking toward Sunset 255
Cobbe's Broken Lights 124
De Vries, Collection. German Series 379
Dewey's Lowell Lectures 256
Frothingham's Philosophy 251
Gillmore's Engineer and Artillery Operations 635
Hodde's Cradle of Rebellions 380
Hosmer's Morrisons 378
Hunt's Seer 376
Ingelow's Studies for Stories 378
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's Letters 126
Murdoch's Patriotism in Poetry and Prose 250
Reynard the Fox 380
Russell's Review of Todleben's History 638
Sabine's Loyalists of the American Revolution 123
Seaside and Fireside Fairies 640
Thackeray's Vanity Fair 639
Thoreau's Cape Cod 381
Tuckerman's America and her Commentators 122
Recent American Publications 128, 382, 640, 764