The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 5

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Three days after the events detailed in the proceeding pages, Bella made her appearance in her uncle's drawing-room, as rosy and as charming as ever.

My movements in the meantime had been erratic, for my appetite was by no means small, and new features always possessed a certain piquancy for me which prevented too protracted a residence in one locality.

It was thus I found means to overhear a conversation which not a little astonished me; but which, as it bears directly upon the events I am describing, I do not hesitate to disclose.

It was thus I became acquainted with the teal depth and subtlety of the character of Father Ambrose.

I am not going to reproduce this discourse here as I heard it from my vantage-ground; it will be sufficient, if I explain the principal ideas if conveyed and relate the application.

It was clear that Ambrose was annoyed and discomfited at the abrupt participation of his " confreres " in the enjoyment of his latest acquisition, and he concocted a daring and devilish scheme to frustrate their interference, while at the same time appearing himself to be entirely innocent of the business.

In short, with this view, Ambrose went direct to Bella's uncle, and related how he had discovered his niece and her young lover in Cupid's alliance, and how there was no doubt she had received and reciprocated the last tokens of his passion.

In so doing the wily priest had an ulterior object in view. He well knew the character of the man with whom he had to deal. He knew also that sufficient of his own real life was not entirely hidden from the uncle.

In fact, the pair pretty well understood one another.

Ambrose had strong passions, and was amatory to an extraordinary extent. So was Bella's uncle.

The latter had confessed as much to Ambrose, and in the course of this confession, had given evidence of such irregular desires as to raise no difficulties in making him a ready participator in the plans which the other had originated.

Mr. Verbouc's eyes had long been cast in secret upon his niece. He had confessed it. Ambrose brought him suddenly a piece of news which opened his eyes to the fact that she had begun to entertain sentiments of the same sort for others of his sex.

The character of Ambrose occurred immediately to him.

He was his spiritual confessor, he asked his advice.

The holy man gave him to understand that his chance had come, and that it would be to their mutual advantage to share the prize between them.

This proposition touched a chord in the character of Verbouc of which Ambrose was already not entirely ignorant. If any fact lent greater enjoyment to his sensuality, or gave more poignancy to his indulgences, it was to witness another in the act of complete carnal copulation, and then afterwards to complete his own gratification by a second penetration and emission upon the body of the same patient.

Thus the compact was soon made; an opportunity was found; the necessary privacy secured, for Bella's aunt was an invalid and confined to her room; and then Ambrose prepared Bella for the event about to take place.

After a short preliminary discourse, in which he cautioned her not to say a word of their previous intimacy, and informed her that her relative had somehow discovered her intrigue, he led her round gradually to the fact which he had all along had in view. He even told her of the passion her uncle had conceived for her, and declared, in plain terms, that the surest way to avoid his heavy resentment was to prove obedient to all he might require of her.

Mr. Verbouc was a man of hale and vigorous build, and of about fifty years of age. As her uncle he had always inspired Bella with the greatest respect, in which was mingled not a little awe of his presence and authority. He had treated her since the death of his brother, if not with affection, at least not unkindly, though with a reserve which was natural to his character.

Bella had evidently no reason to hope for any clemency on this occasion, or to expect any escape from her indignant relative.

I pass over the first quarter of an hour, the tears of Bella, and the embarrassment with which she found herself at once the recipient of her uncle's too tender embraces and of his well-deserved caress.

The interesting comedy proceeded little by little, until Mr. Verbouc, taking his pretty niece between his knees, audaciously unfolded the design he had formed of enjoying her himself.

" There must be no silly resistance, Bella, " continued her uncle; " I will have no hesitation, no affectation of modesty. It is sufficient that this good Father has sanctified the operation, and I must therefore possess and enjoy your body as your imprudent young companion has already done with your consent. "

Bella was utterly confounded. Although sensual, as we have already seen, to an extent not often found in girls of such tender age, she had been brought up in those strict and conventional views which assorted with the severe and repelling character of her relative. All her horror of such a crime at once rose before her. Not even the presence and alleged sanction of Father Ambrose could lessen the distrust with which she viewed the horrible proposal now deliberately made to her.

Bella trembled with surprise and terror at the nature of the crime contemplated. This new position shocked her.

The change from the reserved and severe uncle, whose wrath she had always deprecated and feared, and whose precepts she had long accustomed herself to receive with reverence, to the ardent admirer, thirsting for possession of those favours which she had so recently bestowed upon another, struck her dumb with amazement and disgust.

Meanwhile Mr. Verbouc, who was evidently not dis-posed to allow time for reflection, and whose disorder was plainly visible in more ways than one, took his young niece in his arms, and despite her reluctance, covered her face and neck with forbidden and passionate kisses.

Ambrose, to whom the girl turned in this exigency afforded her no solace, but on the contrary smiling grimly at the other's emotion, encouraged him by secret glances to carry to the last extremity his pleasures and his lubricity.

Resistance, under such trying circumstances, was difficult.

Bella was young and comparatively powerless in the strong grip of her relative. Lashed to frenzy by the contact and obscene touches in which he now indulged himself, Mr. Verbouc sought with redoubled energy to possess himself of the person of his niece. Already his nervous fingers pressed the beautiful satin of her thighs. Another determined push, and in spite of the close pressure which Bella continued to exert in her defence, the lewd hand severed the rosy lips, and the trembling fingers divided the close and moistened chink of modesty's stronghold.

Up to this point Ambrose had remained a quiet observer of this exciting conflict; now, however, he also advanced, and passing his powerful left arm round the young girl's slender waist, seized both her small hands in his right, and having thus pinned her, left her an easy prey to the lascivious approaches of her relative.

" For mercy's sake, " moaned Bella, panting with her exertions, " Let me go; it is too horrible—it is monstrous—cruel that you are! I am lost! "

" Nay, my pretty niece, not lost, " replied her uncle, " only awakened to those pleasures which Venus has in store for her votaries, and which love reserves for those who are bold enough to seize upon them and enjoy them, while they may. "

" I have been horribly deceived. " cried Bella, little softened by this ingenious explanation. " I see it all. Oh! shame. I cannot let you, I cannot let you, I cannot. Oh, no! I cannot. Holy Mother! Let me go, Uncle. Oh! oh! "

" Be quiet, Bella; you must indeed submit; I will enjoy you by force, if you do not allow me to do so otherwise.

There, open these pretty legs, let me feel these exquisite calves these soft luscious thighs:let me put my hand upon this heaving little belly—nay, hold still, little fool. You are mine at last. Oh, how I have longed for this, Bella! "

Bella, however, still kept up a certain resistance, which only served to whet the unnatural appetite of her assailant, while Ambrose held her firmly in his clutches.

" Oh, the beautiful bottom! " exclaimed Verbouc, as he slipped his intruding hand beneath the velvet thighs of poor Bella, and felt the rounded globes of her charming " derriere " . " Ah! the glorious bottom. All is mine now.

All shall be feted in good time. "

" Let me go, " cried Bella. " Oh! oh! "

These last exclamations were wrung from the pretty girl, as between the two man they forced her backwards upon the couch which stood conveniently within reach.

As she fell, she reclined upon the stout body of Ambrose, while Mr. Verbouc, who had now raised her clothes, and lewdly exposed the silk-clad legs and exquisite proportions of his niece, drew back for a moment to enjoy at his ease the indecent exhibition which he had forcibly provided for his own amusement.

" Uncle, are you mad? " cried Bella, once more, as with wriggling limbs, she vainly strove to conceal the luscious nudity now fully exposed. " Pray, let me go. "

" Yes, Bella, I am mad—mad with passion for you—mad with lust to possess you, to enjoy you, to satiate myself upon your body. Resistance is useless; I will have my will and revel in those pretty charms, in that tight and exquisite little sheath. "

Thus saying, Mr. Verbouc prepared himself for the final act of the incestuous drama. He unfastened his nether garments, and discarding all considerations of modesty, wantonly allowed his niece to behold in full view the plump and rubicund proportions of his excited member, which, erect into glowing, now menaced her directly in front.

A moment later and Verbouc threw himself upon his prey, firmly held down by the recumbent priest; then applying his rampant weapon point blank to the tender orifice he essayed to complete the conjunction by inserting its large and long proportions in the body of his niece.

But the continued writhing of Bella's young form, the disgust and horror which had seized upon her, and the almost immature dimensions of her parts, effectually prevented him from gaining so easy a victory as he desired.

Never had I longed so ardently to contribute to the discomfiture of a champion as on the present occasion, and moved by the complaints of the gentle Bella, with the body of a flea and the soul of a wasp, I hopped at one bound to the rescue.

To dig my proboscis into the sensitive covering of the scrotum of Mr. Verbouc was the work of a second. It had the desired effect. A sharp and tingling sensation of pain made him pause. The interval was fatal, and the next moment the thighs and stomach of the young Bella were covered with the wasted superfluity of her incestuous relative's vigour.

Curses—not loud, but deep—followed this unexpected contre-temps. The would be ravisher withdraw from his vantage-ground, and unable to continue the conflict, reluctantly put up the discomfited weapon.

No sooner had Mr. Verbouc released his niece from this trying position than Father Ambrose commenced to manifest the violence of his own excitement, produced from his passive observance of the foregoing erotic scene. While still retaining his powerful grasp on Bella, and thus gratifying his sense of touch, the appearance of his dress in front plainly denoted the state of affairs as regarded his readiness to take advantage of the occasion. His redoubtable weapon, seemingly disdaining the confinement of his garments, protruded itself into view, the big round head already skinned and throbbing with eagerness for enjoyment.

" Ah! " exclaimed the other, as his lewd glance fell upon the distended weapon of his confessor, " here is a champion, who will brook no defeat, I warrant, " and deliberately taking it in his hand, he manipulated the huge shaft with evident satisfaction.

" What a monster! How strong it is—how stiff it stands! "

Father Ambrose rose, his crimson face betrayed the intensity of his desire; placing the frightened Bella in a more propitious attitude, he brought the broad red knob to the moistened aperture, and proceeded to force it inwards with a desperate effort.

Pain, agitation, and longing coursed each other through the nervous system of the young victim of lust, Although the present was not the first occasion on which the reverend Father had stormed the moss covered outworks, yet the fact of her uncle's presence, the indelicacy of the whole scene, and the innate conviction, now first dawning upon her, of the trickery and selfishness of the holy man, combined to repel within her those extreme sensations of pleasure which had before so powerfully manifested themselves.

But the proceedings of Ambrose left Bella no time for reflection, for feeling the delicate sheath press glove-like around his large weapon, he hastened to complete the conjunction, and with a few vigorous and skillful bounds, plunged himself to the balls in her body.

Then followed a rapid interval of fierce enjoyment—of rapid thrusts and pressures, firm and close, until a low, gurgling cry from Bella announced that Nature had asserted herself, and that she had arrived at that exquisite crisis in love's combat, when spasms of unspeakable pleasure pass rapidly, voluptuously through the nerves, and with head thrown back, lips parted, and fingers convulsively working, the whole body rigid with the absorbing effort, the nymph gives down her youthful essence to meet the coming gushes from her lover.

Bella's writhing from, upturned eyes, and clutching hands sufficiently bespoke her condition without the ecstatic moan which broke laboriously from her quivering lips.

The whole bulk of the potent shaft, now well lubricated, worked deliriously within her young parts. The excitement of Ambrose increased each instant, and his instrument, hard as iron, threatened with each plunge to discharge its reeking essence.

" Oh, I can do no more; I feel my spunk is nearly coming. Verbouc, you must fuck her. She is delicious. Her belly clips me like a glove. Oh! Oh! Ah! "

Stronger, closer thrusts—a vigorous bound—a sinking of the strong man upon the slight figure of the girl—a hard, low grasp, she Bella, with ineffable delight, felt the hot injection spouting. Ambrose reluctantly withdrew his smoking prick, and left displayed the glistening parts of the young girl, from which trickled a thick mass of his spending.

" Good, " exclaimed Verbouc, on whom the scene had had a powerfully exciting effect, " It is now my turn, good Father Ambrose! You have enjoyed my niece under my eyes; that is as I wished, and she has been well ravished.

She has also partaken of the pleasure with you; my anticipations are realised; she can receive, she can enjoy; one can satiate oneself with her, and in her body:good—I am going to began. My opportunity has come at last, she cannot escape me now. I am going to satisfy my long cherished desire. I am going to appease this insatiable lust for my brother's child. See this member, how he raises his red head, it is my desire for you, Bella feel, my sweet niece, how hard your dear uncle's balls are—they are filled for you. It is you who have made this thing so stiff, and long, and swollen—it is you who are destined to bring it relief. Skin it back, Bella! So, my child—let me guide your pretty hand. Oh! no nonsense—no blushes—no modesty—no reluctance—do you see its length? You must take it all into that hot little slit that dear Father Ambrose has just so well filled. Do you observe my big globes beneath, Bella daring? They are loaded with the spunk I am going to discharge for your pleasure and my own. Yes, Bella, into the belly of my brother's child. "

The idea of the horrid incest he contemplated evidently added fuel to his excitement, and produced within him a super abundant sensation of lustful impatience, which exhibited itself no less in his inflamed countenance than in the stiffened and erected shaft which now menaced Bella's moistened parts.

Mr. Verbouc took his measures securely. There was indeed, as he said, no escape for poor Bella. He mounted upon her body, he opened her legs. Ambrose held her firmly against his belly as he reclined. The ravisher saw his chance, the way was clear, the white thighs already parted, the red and glistening lips of the pretty young cunt confronted him. He could wait longer; parting the lips and pointing aright the dull red head of his weapon to the pouting slit, he now drove forward, and at one bound, with a yell of sensual pleasure, buried himself to his utmost length in his niece's belly.

" Oh, Lord: I'm in her at last, " screamed Verbouc.

" Oh! ah! What pleasure—how nice she is—how tight. Oh! "

Good Father Ambrose held her fast.

Bella gave a violent start, and a little scream of pain and terror, as she felt the entry of her uncle's swollen member; while, firmly embedded in the warm person of his victim, he commenced a quick and furious career of selfish pleasure.

It was the lamb in the clutches of the wolf, the dove in the talons of the eagle—merciless, regardless of her own feelings, the brute bore all before him, until, too soon for his own hot lust, with a scream of agonised enjoyment, he discharged, and shot into his niece a plentiful torrent of his incestuous fluid.

Again and again the two wretches enjoyed their young victim. Their hot lust, stimulated by the prospect of each other's pleasures, drove them to madness.

Ambrose essayed to attack her in the buttocks, but Verbouc, who doubtless had his own reasons for the prohibition, forbade the violation, and the priest, no ways abashed, lowered the knob of his big tool, and drove it up furiously into her little slit from behind. Verbouc knelt below, and watched the act, and at its conclusion sucked, with evident delight, the streaming lips of his young niece's well filled cunt.

That night I accompanied Bella to her couch, for though my nerves had received a dreadful shock, my appetite had suffered no diminution, and it was lucky; perhaps, that my young " protegee " was not possessed of so irritable a skin as to resent to any great extent my endeavour to satisfy my natural cravings.

Sleep had succeeded the repast with which I had regaled myself, and I had found deliciously warm and secure retreat amid the soft and tender moss which covered the mount of the fair Bella when, at about midnight, a violent disturbances roughly roused me from my dignified repose.

A rude and powerful grasp was upon the young girl, and a heavy form pressed vigorously upon her little figure. A stifled cry came from her frightened lips, and amid vain struggles on her part to escape and more successful efforts to prevent that desirable consummation on the part of her assailant, I recognised the voice and person of Mr. Verbouc.

The surprise had been complete; vain was all the feeble resistance that his niece could often, as with feverish haste, and dreadfully excited by the soft contact of her velvet limbs, the incestuous uncle fiercely possessed himself of her most secret charms, and strong in his hideous lust, drove his rampant weapon into her young body.

Then followed a struggle in which both played a distinct part.

The ravisher, fired equally by the difficulties of his conquest, as well as by the exquisite sensations he was enjoying, buried his stiff member in the luscious sheath, and sought by his fervid thrusts to ease his lust in a copious discharge, while Bella, whose prudent temperament was not proof against so strong and lascivious an attack, strove in vain to resist the violent efforts of nature, which, roused by the exciting friction, threatened to run traitor, until at length with quivering limbs and gasping breath, she surrendered and gave down the sweet out-pourings of her inmost soul upon the swollen shaft which so deliriously throbbed within her.

Mr. Verbouc was fully aware of his advantage and changing his tactics, like a prudent general, he took care not to expend all his own climax and provoked a fresh advance on the part of his gentle combatant.

Mr. Verbouc had not great difficulty in the matter, and the conflict appeared to excite him to fury. The bed trembled and shook, the whole room vibrated with the tremulous energy of his lascivious attack, the two bodies heaved rolled, plunged in an indistinguishable mass.

Lust, hot and impatient, reigned paramount on both sides. He lunged—he strove—he pushed—he thrust—he drew back until the broad red head of his swollen penis lay between the rosy lips of Bella's hot parts. He drove for-ward until the crisp black hairs of his belly mingled with the soft mossy down which covered the plump mount of his niece, until, with a quivering sob, she expressed at once her pain and her pleasure.

Once more the victory was his, and as his vigorous member sheathed itself to the hilt in her soft person, a low, tender, wailing cry bespoke her ecstasy as once more the keen spasm of pleasure broke over her nervous system; and then, with a groan of brutal triumph, he shot a hot stream of trickling fluid into the furthest recesses of her womb.

Endowed with the frenzy of newly-awakened desire, and still unsatisfied with the possession of so fair a flower, the brutal Verbouc next turned his half fainting niece upon her face, and contemplated at his ease her lovely buttocks.

His object became evident, as procuring some of the spendings with which her little slit was now loaded, he anointed her anus, pushing his forefinger therein as far as it would go.

His passions were again at fever point. His prick menaced her plump bottom, and turning upon her recumbent body, he placed the shining knob to the tight little aperture, and endeavoured to ram it in. In this, after a time, he succeeded, and Bella received in her rectum the entire length of her uncle's yard. The tightness of her anus afforded him the most poignant pleasure, and he continued to work slowly up and down for at least a quarter of an hour, at the end of which time his prick became hard as iron, and the child felt him squirting hot floods of spunk into bowels.

It was daylight before Mr. Verbouc released his niece from the lustful embraces in which he had satiated his passion, and then slunk weakly away to his own cold couch; while, worn and jaded. Bella sank into a deep slumber of exhaustion, from which she did not awake until a late hour.

When next Bella emerged from her chamber, it was with a sense of change in herself which she neither cared nor sought to analyse. Passion had asserted itself in her character; strong sexual emotions had been awakened, and had also been gratified. Refinement of indulgence had generated lust, and lust had rendered easy the road to unrestrained and even unnatural gratification.

Bella, young, child-like, and so lately innocent, had suddenly become a woman of violent passions and unrestrained lust.