The Autobiography of a Flea/Chapter 6

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I shall not trouble the reader with the conditions under which one day I found myself snugly concealed upon the person of good Father Clement, or pause here to explain how it was I was present when that worthy ecclesiastic received and confessed a very charming and stylish young lady of some twenty years of age.

I soon discovered from their subsequent conversation that the lady was not of titled rank, though closely connected, but married to one of the wealthiest landed proprietors in the neighbourhood.

Names are of no importance here. I, therefore, suppress that of this fair penitent.

After the confessor had ended his benediction, and had concluded the ceremony by which he became the depository of the lady's choicest secrets, he led her, nothing loath, from the body of the church into the same small sacristy where Bella had received her lesson in sanctified copulation.

The door was bolted, no time was lost, the lady dropped her robe, the stalwart confessor opened his cassock, disclosing his enormous weapon, the ruby head of which now stood distended and threatening in the air. The lady no sooner perceived this apparition, than she seized upon it with the air of one to whom it was by no means a new object of delight.

Her dainty hand stroked gently the upright pillar of hard muscle and her eyes devoured its long and swollen proportions.

" You shall do it to me from behind, " remarked the lady— " en levrette, but you must be very careful; you are so fearfully large. "

Father Clement's eyes glistened under his large head of red hair, and his big weapon gave a spasmodic throb that would have lifted a chair.

In another second the young lady had placed herself on her knees upon the seat, and Clement coming close behind her, lifted up her fine white linen, and exposed a plump and well-rounded bottom beneath which, half hidden by the swelling thighs, were just visible the red lips of a delicious slit, luxuriantly shaded with the ample growth of rich brown hair which curled about it?

Clement wanted no further incitement; spitting on the knob of his great member, he pushed its warm head in between the moist lips, and then with many heaves, and much exertion, he strove to make it enter to the balls.

He went in—and in—and in, until it seemed as though the fair recipient could not possibly stow away any more without danger to her vitals. Meanwhile her face betrayed the extraordinary emotion the gigantic ram was occasioning her.

Presently Father Clement stopped. He was in up to his balls. His red crispy hair pressed the plump cheeks of the lady's bottom. She had received the entire length of his yard in her body. Then began an encounter which fairly shook the bench and all the furniture in the room.

Passing his arms around the fair form in his clutches, the sensual priest pressed himself inwards at every thrust, only withdrawing one half his length the better to force it home, until the lady quivered again with the exquisite sensations so vigorous a stretching was affording her.

Then her eyes closed, her head fell forward, and she poured down upon the invader a warm gush of nature's essence.

Meanwhile Father Clement worked away in the hot sheath, each moment only serving to render his thick weapon harder and stronger until it resembled nothing so much as a bar of solid iron.

But all things have an end, and so had the enjoyment of the good priest, for having pushed and strove, and pressed and battered with his furious yard until he too could hold back no longer, he felt himself upon the point of discharging his metal, and thus bringing matters to a climax.

It came at last, as with a sharp cry of ecstasy he sank forward upon the body of the lady, his member buried to the roots in her belly, and pouring a prolific flood of spunk into her very womb. Presently all was over, the last spasm had passed, the last reeking drop had issued, and Clement lay still as death.

The reader must not imagine that good Father Clement was satisfied with the single " coup " which he had just delivered with such excellent effect; or that the lady, whose wanton sympathies had been so powerfully assuaged, desired to abstain from all further dalliance. On the contrary, this act of copulation had only roused the dormant faculties of sensuality in both, and again they now sought to allay the burning flame of lust.

The lady fell on her back; her burly ravisher threw himself upon her, and driving in his battering ram until their hairs met, he spent again and filled her womb with a viscid torrent.

Still unsatisfied, the wanton pair continued their exciting pastime.

This time Clement lay upon his back, and the lady lasciviously toying with his huge genitals, took the thick red head of his penis between her rosy lips, and after stimulating him to the utmost tension by her maddening touches greedily induced a discharge of his prolific fluid, which, thick and warm, now spouted into her pretty mouth and down her throat.

Then the lady, whose wantonness at least equalled that of her confessor, stood across his muscular from, and after having secured another determined and enormous erection, lowered herself upon the throbbing shaft, impaled her beautiful figure upon the mass of flesh and muscle until nought was left to view save the big balls which hung close below the stiffened weapon. Thus she pumped from Clement a fourth discharge, and reeking in the excessive outpouring of the seminal fluid, as well as fatigued with the unusual duration of the pastime she disappeared to contemplate at leisure the monstrous proportions and unusual capabilities of her gigantic confessor.