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List of New Books.

[The following list, embracing 58 titles, includes all books received by The Dial since last issue.]


  • Princeton Sketches: The Story of Nassau Hall. By George R. Wallace. With introduction by Andrew F. West, Ph.D. Illus., large 8vo, pp. 200. G. P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Lorenzo de' Medici: An Historical Portrait. By Edith Carpenter, author of "A Modern Rosalind." 16mo, pp. 216, gilt top, uncut edges. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.00.



  • Questions at Issue. By Edmund Gosse. 12mo, pp. 333, gilt top, uncut edges. D. Appleton & Co. $2.50.
  • Books in Manuscript: A Short Introduction to their Study and Use, with a Chapter on Records. By Falconer Madan, M.A. Illus., 12mo, pp. 188, uncut. Imported by Chas. Scribner's Sons. $2.50.
  • Robert Browning as an Exponent of a Philosophy of Life. By Brainerd Marc Burridge, M.A. 8vo, pp. 55. Cleveland: The Book Shop. $1.25.
  • The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe. Translated by Bailey Saunders. 12mo, pp. 222, gilt top, uncut edges. Macmillan & Co. $1.25.
  • Froebel's Letters. Edited, with explanatory notes, by Arnold H. Heinemann. Illus., 12mo, pp. 182. Lee & Shepard. $1.25.
  • Franklin's Select Works, including his Autobiography. With notes and a memoir by Epes Sargent. 12mo, pp. 502. Lee & Shepard. 75 cts.


  • A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles. Edited by James A. H. Murray, B. A. Lond. Part VII., Consignificant to Crouching. 4to, pp. 861 to 1204, uncut. Macmillan & Co. Boards, $3.25.


  • Selections from the Writings of William Blake. With an introductory essay by Laurence Housman. With frontispiece, 18mo, pp. 259, gilt top, uncut edges. Imported by Chas. Scribner's Sons. $1.75.
  • Cap and Gown: Some College Verse. Chosen by Joseph La Roy Harrison. 18mo, pp. 192, gilt top. Joseph Knight Co. $1.25.
  • Tasks by Twilight. By Abbot Kinney, author of "The Conquest of Death." 12mo, pp. 211. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.00.
  • Asleep and Awake. By Raymond Russell. 12mo, pp. 200. C. H. Kerr & Co. $1.00.
  • An Octave to Mary. By John B. Tabb. With frontispiece, oblong, gilt top. John Murphy & Co. Paper, $1.


  • Many Inventions. By Rudyard Kipling. 12mo, pp. 427. D. Appleton & Co. $1.50.
  • Pietro Ghisleri. By F. Marion Crawford, author of "Saracinesca." 12mo, pp. 429. Macmillan & Co. $1.00.
  • Heather and Snow. By George MacDonald, author of "Alec Forbes." 16mo, pp. 285. Harper & Bros. $1.25.
  • Brown's Retreat, and Other Stories. By Anna Eichberg King. 12mo, pp. 303. Roberts Bros. $1.00.
  • Sweetheart Gwen: A Welsh Idyll. By William Tirebuck, author of "Dorrie." 12mo, pp. 280. Longmans, Green, & Co. $1.00.
  • Toppleton's Client; or, A Spirit in Exile. By John Kendrick Bangs. 12mo, pp. 269. C. L. Webster & Co. $1.00.
  • A Conflict of Evidence. By Rodrigues Ottolengui, author of "An Artist in Crime." 16mo, pp. 347. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.00.
  • Found Wanting. By Mrs. Alexander, author of "For His Sake." 12mo, pp. 319. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.00.
  • A Woman Who Failed, and Others. By Bessie Chandler. 16mo, pp. 343. Roberts Bros. $1.00.


  • Shirley. By Charlotte Brontë. In 2 vols., illus. in photogravure, 16mo, gilt top, uncut edges. Macmillan & Co. $2.
  • Ivanhoe. By Sir Walter Scott. "Dryburgh edition," illus., 8vo, pp. 472, uncut. Macmillan & Co. $1.25.
  • Judith Shakespeare. By William Black. New revised edition, 16mo, pp. 37G. Harper & Bros. 80 cts.


  • Appletons' Town and Country Library: Singularly Deluded, by the author of "Ideala"; 12mo, pp. 259.—Suspected, by Louisa Stratenus; 12mo, pp. 213. Each, 50 cts.
  • Bonner's Choice Series: Hearts and Coronets, a Tale of Love, by Jane G. Fuller ; illus., 12mo, pp. 347. 50 cts.


  • The New Reformation, and Its Relation to Moral and Social Problems. By Ramsden Balmforth (Laon Ramsey). 12mo, pp. 159, uncut. Chas. Scribner's Sons. $1.00.
  • Milk and Meat: Twenty-four Sermons. By A. C. Dixon. With portrait, 12mo, pp. 265. Baker & Taylor Co. $1.25.
  • The New Era; or, The Coming Kingdom. By Rev. Josiah Strong, D.D., author of "Our Country." 12mo, pp. 374. Baker & Taylor Co. $1.50.
  • The Hallowed Day. (Fletcher Prize Essay, Dartmouth College, 1892.) By Rev. George Guirey, author of "The Unanswerable Word." 12mo, pp. 291. Baker & Taylor Co. $1.25.
  • What Is Inspiration? By John Dewitt, D.D., author of "The Psalms." 16mo, pp. 187. A. D. F. Randolph & Co. $1.00.


  • Elections in the American Colonies. By Cortlandt F. Bishop, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 300. Columbia College Studies. Paper, $1.50.
  • The Nature of the Federal State. By E. V. Robinson. 8vo, pp. 32. Am. Academy Political Science. Paper, 25 cts.
  • The Condition of the Western Farmer, as Illustrated by the Economic History of a Nebraska Township. By Arthur F. Bentley, A.B. 8vo, pp. 92. Johns Hopkins Press. Paper, $1.00.
  • The Repudiation of State Debts: A Study in Financial History. By William A. Scott, Ph.D. 12mo, pp. 325. Crowell's " Library of Economics and Politics." $1.50.
  • The Financial History of Virginia, 16O9-1776. By William Zebina Ripley, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 170. Columbia College Studies. Paper, 75 cts.
  • The Inheritance Tax. By Max West, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 140. Columbia College Studies. Paper, 75 cts.
  • Special Assessments: A Study in Municipal Finance. By Victor Rosewater, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 152. "Columbia College Studies." Paper, 75 cts.
  • The Agricultural Labourer: A Short Summary of his Position. By T. E. Kebbel. New edition, with new preface, 12mo, pp. 271, uncut. Imported by Chas. Scribner's Sons. $1.00.
  • Church and State in North Carolina. By Stephen B. Weeks, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 65, uncut. Johns Hopkins Press. Paper, 50 cts.


  • The Empire of the Tsars and Russians. By Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu. Translated from the third French edition, by Zéaïde A. Ragozin. Part I., The Country and Its Inhabitants. Large 8vo, pp. 588, gilt top. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $3.00.
  • The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib. By Sara Jeannette Duncan, author of "A Social Departure." Illus., 12mo, pp. 311. D. Appleton & Co. $1.50.
  • Appletons' General Guide to the United States and Canada. With maps and illus'ns, 16mo, pp. 616. D. Appleton & Co. Flexible leather, $2.50.
  • Appletons' Guide-Book to Alaska and the Northwest Coast. By Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore. author of "Jinrikisha Days in Japan." With maps and illus'ns, 16mo, pp. 156. D. Appleton & Co. $1.25.
  • Bird's-Eye Views and Guide to Chicago. Illus., 16mo, pp. 320. Rand, McNally & Co. Paper, 50 cts.


  • English Composition: A Practical Course. By Alphonso G. Newcomer. 16mo, pp. 249. Ginn & Co. 90 cts.
  • Advanced Arithmetic: Inductive Business Course. By Wm. M. Peck. 16mo, pp. 250. A. Lovell & Co. 75 cts.
  • La Mère Michel et son Chat. Par Emil de le Bedollière. Edited, with notes, etc., by W. H. Wrench, B.A. 16mo, pp. 100. D. C. Heath & Co. Paper, 25 cts.
  • Natural Science Note-Book, No. 1: Mineralogy. By W. S. Sweeney, A.M. Revised and enlarged, 8vo, pp. 70. A. Lovell & Co. Paper, 25 cts.
  • The Graphic System of Object Drawing. Arranged by Hobart B. Jacobs and Augusta L. Brewer. Illus., oblong, pp. 24. A. Lovell & Co. Paper, 15 cts.
  • Hand-Book to Accompany the Graphic System of Object Drawing. Arranged by H. B. Jacobs and Augusta L. Brewer. 16mo, pp. 111. A. Lovell & Co. 40 cts.


  • An Adventure in Photography. By Octave Thanet. Illus., 16mo, pp. 179. Chas. Scribner's Sons. $1.50 net.
  • How to Make Inventions; or, Inventing: as a Science and an Art. By Edward P. Thompson, M.E. Second edition, revised, illus., 8vo, pp. 181. D. Van Nostrand Co. $1.00.