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WYON, wī'ȯn, William, English engraver and designer of coins and medals: b. Birmingham, 1795; d. Brighton, Sussex, 29 Oct. 1851. Having won several prizes for medals offered by the Society of Arts, he went in 1816 to London and was appointed second engraver at the mint, a post which he filled until the close of his life. In 1832 he was elected an associate of the Royal Academy, and in 1838 an academician, being the first of his department who had ever obtained these honors. His works, comprising coins, pattern pieces of coins not used, medals and seals are numerous. His coins cover a period of nearly 30 years, including the latter part of the reign of George IV, the reign of William IV, and the first 13 years of the reign of Victoria. Far more numerous than these are his war, scientific, artistic and testimonial medals, executed from his own or from Flaxman's designs, and in the highest style of art.